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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Spring Is In The Air!

Let me start the post by saying, spring is in the air! I pulled into the driveway this morning and saw the blooms of spring. I couldn't resist sharing this image with you. ( Rach are you so proud of my photo attempt? ) What a welcomed surprise. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE spring time. The smell in the air. The new growth springing forth from the dark piles of winter. The colors, oh the colors are beautiful! I can look down the road into summer and see the kids and I in the backyard. Maybe we'll get another slip -n- slide. The kids certainly love being greased down with crisco and sliding across the yard! Who knows, we might even purchase another disposable pool. Our $99 deal from KMart last year was so much fun.
Whatever this summer has in store I welcome it with open arms! So, dust off those flip-flops, pedicure those toes, self-tan those legs, maybe even shed a few pounds?! Yep, it's coming boys and girls. Spring is on it's way and I plan to be ready and waiting! Until next time- God's Blessings, Sarah :D


Rachel said...

I am very proud of your photography skills!! Can't wait for the crisco!!

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