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Sunday, March 8, 2009

What a week!

Wow, the Hinsons have really had a busy week! Joseph was sick on Monday. He actually missed three days of school due to a bacterial infection in his sinuses. The good news is that he is feeling much better. He's almost caught up on all his school work, and you know that was a HUGE job!

James had baseball practice on Thursday. He is so excited to be playing ball again. James insists on the entire family watching his practices!

Andy, of course, has been busy at work. He has also spent some time working in the yard and on the Explorer. We are getting ready to sell it because it's totally wrong to own three vehicles and only drive two of them!

It's the first week of the month so I had my breastfeeding meetings. The breastfeeding support group was on Tuesday and the prenatal class was Saturday. I also did a prenatal bra fitting on Thursday. I met this super sweet mom at her work for the fitting. She had a great, big, private office that we were able to work in. You'd never guess where she worked... at the funeral home!!! So one day when I write my book about all the crazy things I have done as an IBCLC this story will definitely be included. It will read "Q: The most bizarre place that I have worked with a mom? A: Funeral Home!"!!!

This morning we had church and Sunday school. It was the first morning since we moved the clocks ahead an hour. A very sleepy eyed Joseph came to the breakfast table and asked why it was still dark outside? Poor kid! We had brunch at the All Steak which was delicious. Then we visited Frandaddy at the hospital. His electrolytes were out of whack so he bought himself a nice little weekend stay. Finally, we came home and have been enjoying a lazy afternoon ever since. HOORAY for Sundays! I love, love, love resting on the Sabbath!!!

Joseph & James eating lemons at the All Steak.

James making himself at home in Frandaddy's hospital bed.

Andy teaching us how to blow up a glove. Step 1 - place glove on your head. Step 2 - blow out your nose! WHY??!

Until next time, God's blessings & XOXOXO!!!
Sarah :D


Rachel McPhillips said...

I think the glove balloon has blackmail written all over it!

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