At Home With The Hinsons

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Serving Tray

Good morning friends!
I'm here to share a quick therapy session project.
I tackled this a couple of weeks ago
and I'm proud to say it's doing it's thang perfectly.
I started with a past it's prime Auburn tray.
After sanding, spray painting, 
Modge Podging scrapbook paper,
and antiquing the sides 
I finished it off by clear coating my heart out.
Now I have an adorable tray to serve snacks on
when we entertain friends that are girls. :)
Don't underestimate the treasures you already own.
They're FREE and just waiting for a breathe of new life!
Click over to Today's Creative Blog for more inspiration. 
Have a beautiful day friends.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Morning Grin

Good morning all! 
Don't ya just love this picture?
Today it's my reminder 
to enjoy the simple things.
Even when life gets busy,
crazy busy.
Don't focus on the mismatched clothes.
In doing so you just might miss out 
on a grin big enough to wash away your worries.
So today I challenge you
to live life like James and Pepper,
enjoying the simple pleasures! :)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

The 12 Month Bedroom Makeover

Hi all!
I'm here to share our bedroom makeover...
and it only took 12 months to come together. :)
Last summer I knew a bedroom makeover was needed.
This time I wanted a plan before I started shopping.
Who better to got to than Layla,
from The Lettered Cottage?
Her style is classic, beautiful and peaceful.
Exactly what I wanted my bedroom to be.
After emailing back and forth,
this was her vision.

Needless to say I loved it.
I slowly started heading towards our inspiration photo.
Through a combination of yard sales,
ebay, hand-me-downs and Pottery Barn
I'm getting closer to my goal.
That's code for:
The room's not done, 
because no room is ever done. ;>

We did rearrange the furniture.
I really like the new layout.
Now this view

is this view.

And this wall

is now this.

Oh and that not feeling it bathroom,

is now loved.
There are still lots of details to fill in
but today I wanted to celebrate the finished parts. :)
Hooray for makeovers,
especially 12 month makeovers!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Master Bath Makeover

Hi all, happy Sunday!
Today I'm here to update you on the Hinson household.
I'll elaborate later but here's the short version.
Joseph played his first games this week.
James is loving life.
Andy's on his seven off.
Thursday he made a man-trip to Mississippi 
and enjoyed the Auburn vs. MSU game.

With life traveling at break neck speed,
I've found therapy in my projects.  
Last week was the garage sale.
This week?
A long overdue master bath makeover.

We've lived here for three years
and for three years this has been my bathroom.
I've seen worse but,
I've also seen better. 
You know how it works.
You buy a new house and your suddenly 
faced with a bazillion decisions.
Needless to say my bathroom was 
way down on the list of priorities.
It was clean and functioning
and for a while, that was enough.

Until this summer when I was designing the boys' room.
That was when I stumbled
across my first Polyvore creation.
I made this about a year ago and totally forgot about it.
Ahh, after finding it,
I knew a bathroom makeover was coming soon.

On Monday I ordered my shower curtain,
the shower curtain.
Thinking it would be next week before it arrived
I bought my paint samples.
I'd no more than got the paint on the walls
when my package from Pottery Barn arrived.
That was all it took.
I decided on the paint color and bought the paint 
all before picking up the kids from school.
I planned to have the first coat of Nantucket Fog
on the wall before Auburn kicked off that night,
but alas, it didn't happen.

So an Auburn victory and a CHS defeat later
this was what greeted me. 
Hello breath of fresh air!

As soon as I had the bathroom put back together
it was time to crown the queen.

I love how the bathroom is relaxing and calm
all with a sweet sunny smile. :)

It still needs the finishing touches
but even as is, I'm in LOVE!
Now I need your thoughts.
Do you think I should paint my cabinets black
like in the inspiration photo?
What type of window treatments should I go with??

Thanks for stopping by!
Enjoy your beautiful Sunday afternoon.
And by all means,
if you've got a project you've been procrastinating 
go tackle it now.
Still need more inspiration?
The DIY Show Off
You'll be SO glad you did. :)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Yard Sale Checklist

Garage set up, check.
Ad in the paper, check.
Permit purchased, check.
Best friend/helper, check.
Extra tables, check.
Tons of items collected over the last year, check.
Sinus crud so I'm leaning on the Lord, check.

Tomorrow's the big day.
If you're in my area please stop by.
I love garage sales 
so it'll be more than the average event!
The best part?
The profits go towards our adoption.
I'll keep ya posted,
it's gonna be a good one!!!