At Home With The Hinsons

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year 2010

Hi all!
I realize I'm a bit behind on my blogging,
but I've been too busy making memories
to slow down and document them. :)
No worries,
Andy goes back to work on Monday,
the boys go back to school on Tuesday,
and then I'll take the time to catch up.

For now I wanted to take a moment
to wish you a Happy New Years
from At Home With The Hinsons.

We've had a wonderful evening!

The festivities started with me taking a long hot bath,
doing a homemade pedicure,
and then settling into my new Karen Neuburger jammy tales.
Ooohhh Karen Neuburger,
your jammy tales are so expensive,
and my friends make fun of them,
but you're my all time favorite!

Next we sat down at the table
to enjoy a Daddy style snack food buffet,
and hours full of games.

We started with Connect Four.

Once Joseph won we moved on to Boggle.
Let me tell you, Boggle with a seven year old rocks!
James was really good.
Sometimes the letters in his words didn't actually touch,
but he made some great words.
The best was when I laughed so hard I cried
after convincing James he couldn't earn a point for writing his name on his paper!

We moved onto a game of Nerf basketball,
which led to an all out Nerf gun war.
I'm not sure but I think Team Parents won?!

We topped off our festivities with a firework show in the backyard.

Now we're piled up in the living room ready to watch
the Red Bull New Year's No Limits...

which for us girls is a man jumping over things in a motorcycle.
Yes, I'm surrounded by boys. :)

I can only hope that 2010 is as wonderful as our New Year's Eve celebration!
God's blessings on your New Year, Sarah :D

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Magical CHRISTmas

Hi all!
I hope you had a magical Merry CHRISTmas.
We certainly did. :)

Andy & I really cut back on purchases this year.
This was how I summed up my feelings about it...
Jesus is the real CHRISTmas gift.
The gifts we give are more like the party favors.

This message was reinforced during our CHRISTmas Eve service.
The kids did their program, which was beautiful.
Then as the congregation was finishing communion I glanced back, only to see...
Santa Claus coming down the aisle!!!
With his hat in his hand, he knelt down at the altar, prayed and received communion.
WOW, nothing spoke the true meaning of CHRISTmas to me more than that visual.
All I could do was cry, it was breathtaking!

Yes, I'd say that together Jesus & Santa made our CHRISTmas magical. :)

That's all for now.
For some reason my internet is acting ugly.
Ugly as in I can open most websites except my blog.
To keep me from withdrawals I'm blogging on my Blackberry tonight.
Hopefully I'll be back soon, I have so much to share.
Just a hint: Santa Andy brought me a Cricut & I've been a busy girl!

God's blessings on your night friends, Sarah :D

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

*Sparkly* Christmas Ornaments

Good morning all and Merry CHRISTmas!
Today the Hinsons will be celebrating CHRISTmas with Nanny & Op.
Then tonight we'll have our CHRISTmas service at church.
James will be a wise man, and Joseph is reading.
Which reminds me of a funny story on Joseph.
When he was little, just as he was learning how to read he opened every Christmas gift like this...
Me: Joseph, read the card, who's it from?
Joseph: Love, Nanny & Op!
The look on my Grandpa's face was priceless.
He thought it was hilarious to be receiving all the credit from everyone else's gifts!

Before the day got away from me I wanted to share my latest crafty creation.
I encourage you to visit the Cricut blog for the real tutorial.

Needed supplies:
Saran Wrap
Glass decorative ornaments
Pledge with the blue top
Fine glitter

Start by taking the top off of your ornament.
It just so happens I had a house full of boys to help me. :)

Fill your ornament 1/4 full with the Pledge.
Place the Saran wrap on top and shake it up!

Pour out the extra Pledge solution.
Take your funnel and pour in the fine glitter color of your choice.
We used about 2 teaspoons of glitter.
Note: You must use the fine glitter, regular glitter will only clump.
Trust me, I know.

Now take a new piece of Saran wrap and place it over the top.

Shake it, shake it, shake it. :)

Once you've shaken it like a polaroid picture for several minutes your done.
Wipe off the top with a paper towel.
Then pop your ornament top back in place.
Tie somewhat coordinating ribbon on the hanger.
And finish it off with a sticker of your choice.
OR, if your trying this after Christmas,
AND Santa brought you a Cricut machine,
you could finish it off with a vinyl monogram.
But, that's just a thought. ;>

Have your willing models smile with their ornaments by the tree.
Great job boys!!!

Mama's ornament, Silver with blingy mistletoe.
James' ornament, Blue with Christmas tree on one side and a cross on the other side.
Joseph's ornament, Green with mistletoe on one side and a cross on the other side.
Joshua's ornament, Red with a manly cross.
So do tell, what do you think?

Thanks boys for indulging me a little.
You proved to be very good sports. :)

Now that I've done a little Martha this season,
I'm planning to spend the rest of my days at the feet of Jesus,
like Mary.
Tomorrow we celebrate the birth of our savior!

God's blessings on your day friends, Sarah :D

Friday, December 18, 2009

Puppy Gifts

Hi all, I hope this finds you ready for Christmas.
Andy and I did a little more shopping this morning.
We're compiling our last minute list.
You know, batteries and such.
Today was the boys last day of school.
They don't go back until January 5th, 2010.
I'm ready for the change in pace.
Maybe staying up late wrapping gifts and watching movies,
then sleeping late the next morning?! :)
Tonight we're heading out for a yummy dinner and then a trip to Santa's Village.
My sister and I started this tradition last year.
It's such a fun outing for our families.

Enough chatter.
Now to the reason for my post...
puppy gifts.
Since Pepper is Joseph's big Christmas gift this year,
he's receiving all the stuff he needs from Santa.
We've been stocking up on chew toys, a new collar, training book and crate.
Oh, and of course the boys all time favorite animal toy, laser lights!
But what puppy set up would be complete without her very own blankie?

I picked up this fleece blanket at Walmart for $5.
Brought it home and monogrammed her name to it.
Then got a little excited and added a black lab to top it off.

I took the tacky tag off but wrapped it with the original ribbon.

I think it's pretty cute and festive for $5.
I'm sure Pepper will love it,
hopefully her boy will too?! :)

God's blessings on your evening, Sarah :D

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Card Display

Hi all!
I spent Thursday doing my Mama-work.
It was fabulous to be without anybody home sick.
We've been passing around a stomach virus for the past week.

After getting several things checked of my To Do list it was time for my afternoon appointment.
Hair appointment that is.
Nothing makes a girl smile like new hair! :)

After coming home with a fresh new attitude I decided to tackle several projects.
One of the things riding my to do list was coming up with some type of Christmas card display.
In the past I've taped them up, as tastefully as possible of course.
But this year I was over that.

While searching out a solution, these caught my eye.

But alas, Pottery Barn's price tag didn't quite fit my budget.

Since I was hoping for something along the lines of
I chose to recreate a project I'd seen online.
Surprise, I know. ;>

I started with a bulletin board that was sitting in the corner of my office.

I wrapped it in wrapping paper.
It's fundraiser paper so it's thick and textured.
LOVE it!

I secured the paper with tape on the back.
Then I used my glittery green tinsel like gift wrap ribbon.
Yep, it got the Scotch tape treatment too.

Once I flipped it over I knew it still needed a little something.
So I made a bow with red and green sparkly wire.
Ah, now I'm liking what I'm seeing!

Time to add on the Christmas cards we've received so far this year.
And there you have it,
my free and fun Christmas Card Display. :)

So do tell,
what do you think?

God's blessings on your evening! Sarah :D


Yesterday my motto was this...
If I hurry I can have it all done by Christmas,
next Christmas that is.

I'm not sure where the snowball started,
yet I am certain that I'm rolling down the side of Mount Holiday, mid-snowball.

I do know that it starts every Thanksgiving.
The Christmas season feels so fresh and promising.

We decorate the house.
I do some Christmas projects,
oh it make me feels so crafty.
I start my Christmas cards.
We even attempt a little shopping.

Then I pause Christmas long enough to celebrate James' birthday.
And yes, I try to do it right.

After I regain my composure it's mid-December.
I feel like the kid on Home Alone...

So this morning I'm taking the time to remind myself,
Christmas isn't about the gifts I give,
OR forget to order until it's too late,
the Christmas cards I send,
whether or not they're 4x8 or 5x7,
Christmas isn't even about all my packages being beautifully wrapped,
each with a homemade bow,
although I sure do love those.

Nope, Christmas isn't about any of that.
It's not Happy Birthday to Sarah and the special people in her life.

If I remember correctly,
back before the snowball picked me up,
it's about someone bigger than all of this.

It's about the gift that my heavenly Father knew I needed.
The perfect gift wrapped in a lowly manger.

Christmas is about Jesus,
Happy Birthday Jesus!

For those of you already in the CHRISTmas spirit,
please excuse me while I get ahold of myself this morning. :)

God's blessings on your day friends, Sarah :D

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Welcome To The Family, Pepper

Hi all!
We've had a great and busy week.
But I couldn't end my day without a bloggy moment,
and this one's good!

Remember Lucky?

The sweet 6 week old lab that was left at the empty house across the street?

She spent her first week here,
with us looking for her a home.
She stayed in the garage at night and in the back yard during the day.
The boys played with her every afternoon.
She cried for them when they left for school in the mornings.
Of course the boys and I fell in love with her
Andy kept his head.
We already had 1 dog and 2 cats,
did we really need more animals?

A week into our arrangement I left a note on the door across the street.
It stated that although we loved Lucky, she couldn't stay with us any longer.
I asked for the owners to call me and left my number.

We heard nothing.

I had Maggie's groomer put up a sign in her shop.
Free adorable black lab puppy,
just in time for Christmas.
Again, we heard nothing.

Last weekend Andy sat us down.
He decided that if Joseph wanted to keep Lucky he could.
Lucky and everything needed to care for her would be his big Christmas gift.

Joseph was beside himself with excitement!
Andy's only request was that Joseph choose his own name for her.

Enter Franny.
Her specialty is naming new dogs for their owners.
She talked to Joseph, met the pup and came up with the perfect name...
Pepper. :)

We've continued to work with her over the past week.
She's getting better about not biting us.
Although the night she bit James little piggies while he innocently ate dinner was hilarious!

So today as I was monogramming her Christmas bandana my cell phone rang...
Hi, this is Terri,
I just found a note on my door about a dog??

The poor confused man and I put our two sides of the story together and came up with this...
His daughter found a pup in the side of the road and took it in.
As they searched for the dog a home, they took excellent care of it.
She had all her first shots and worming medicine.
The only problem?
His mother-in-law hates dogs.
When the dog went missing the family questioned Grandma.
She claimed to know nothing about the missing dog.
They put out an all out search effort where they live, across town.

Switch to our perspective.
An older lady pulls up to the abandoned house across the street,
while my boys were outside playing.
As the kids talk to her, she claims the dog is hers.
She explains that she is only leaving it here until it gets a little older.
That she loves the dog, but that it barks at her cat.
She would love for my boys to play with the dog and maybe even feed her.
She even stops back by the next day and leaves a bag of treats over at the house.

The man thanked me for providing the missing pieces to their puzzle.
He was very understanding when I explained that we would be keeping her,
but they were welcomed to visit her.
He said he was happy to know she had a loving home.

Yeah, I'm thinking Grandma's getting nothing for Christmas.
But luckily, Joseph's getting Pepper, and she's getting a real home. :)

Here's a peak into her induction into the Hinson family,
with her first bath.

That boy and dog have bonded like nothing I've ever seen.

She's modeling her first Christmas bandana.

Whew, being cute is tiring.

Maggie agrees. :>

Finally, the boys and their dogs.

Thanks for stopping by.
And for those of you that might be outgrowing Santa,
this story is proof that he's real. :>
God's blessings friends, Sarah

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree

After letting the tree settle for a week and a half
we finally did it, the ornaments are on!!!

Thanks boys for all your help. :)

And on a side note,
our first 100 Christmas cards went out his morning,
HOORAY #2!!!
I do have a few more to send out over the next couple of days.

Christmas is on it's way and all our traditions are falling into place.
Whew, just in time. ;>

I hope your Christmas is coming along as well.
So I'm wondering, what's your least favorite holiday chore?? :>

God's blessings on your night friends, Sarah :D

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Ribbon Ornament Tutorial

Hi all!
I was so excited to hear about the 12 Days of Handmade Ornaments
and absolutely flattered to post a tutorial.
Thank you so much for inviting me over Kristin!

I first saw these ribbon ornaments at The Untraditional Topiary.
I loved the idea and had to give them a try.

I started with styrofoam balls.
I purchased the smooth styrofoam to keep them from shedding.
They worked perfect with the sequins push pins I used.

Next I pulled out my ribbon stash.
I stock up on ribbon whenever it's on sale.

After choosing my ribbon I cut 4-5 inch strips.

Now it's time for the fun to begin!
I started with my first color of ribbon.
Take the ribbon loop and secure it with your straight pins.
I used one pin for the narrow and two for the wider width.

To make the ornament hanger,
I used a longer ribbon strip and secured it with tons of straight pins.

Keep adding ribbon,
the more the better!

Then bling it out a little by adding some fun tinsel. :)

When you think you're through hang it on the tree and admire your mad skills.

So do tell, what do you think??

God's blessings on your day sweet friends, Sarah :D

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Old Phone Repurposed

Good morning all!
You know I've been beside myself over the phone drama.
So, just to prove that I won't be undone over this,
I wanted to share my brilliant Mommy idea with you.

What's this you ask?
A child playing with an old phone??

No my friends, that's a child texting me his spelling words.
Oh yes, Mommy genius at it's finest!

Now James gladly practices his spelling words.
The way I know what he's typing?
He has to call out the letter as he texts it. :)
In his 6 year old world he's a big dog now and homework just got a lot easier!

Hhhmmm, wonder how I could use that phone to help him clean his room??

God's blessings on your day, Sarah :D

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Merry Christmas To Me

Hi all happy Wednesday!
I usually like to blog about fun, crafty stuff but today I need an ear.

This morning, as I was innocently buying a few groceries (yes honey, that means I'm cooking a real dinner tonight), my phone died.
As in D-I-E-D, gone!
No amount of resuscitate efforts could bring it back.
So in complete spazz mode I loaded up my dinosaur phone and headed to Verizon.

Poor Skylar, no amount of personal relations training could have prepared him for me.
Dressed in sweats, because I had planned to clean house all day, I signed in.
After waiting about 30 minutes for my turn, I introduced myself...
"Hi, I need help. But first, I want to say, I'm a REALLY nice person!".
Note to self: If anyone ever says that to you, RUN!
What followed next was the best possible version of a meltdown.

Basically here's the 411...
1. Old phone dead, no help available.
2. This is my business line, so going without a cell phone was unacceptable.
3. Mom gave me her iphone BUT for reasons too numerous to list, I need to stay with Verizon.
4. I basically wanted the iphone with Verizon and for free (because after all it is Christmas).
5. Oh, and in a girly color.... just if you have it. ;>
So, after spending 2 hours with my PC loving, online gaming, new BFF here's the results...

LOOK, a new BlackBerry from Santa.
I must have been a really good girl this year?!
OR, maybe I've been really bad and that's why this happened??

The good thing is that they billed me for it, so it's kinda free.
Well, until my statement arrives next month.

For any of you wondering what to buy me for Christmas I think a Verizon gift card would be perfect! ;>

Whew, thanks for listening.
I hope you're all having a fabulous afternoon.
Now that I feel better, I'm going to crank up some Christmas music and clean, clean, clean!
God's blessings, Sarah :D

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Christmas Decor And More

Hi all, I hope this finds you rested and ready for a new week.
We've eaten all the leftovers and pulled out all the Christmas decor.
And still managed to sleep late or nap, every day.
A girl's gotta have her priorities.

This year I'm taking time to go through every single decoration we own.
Sure it's slowing my progress but so worth it!
Each item is put into one of three categories...
1. Perfect as is, ready to go... this pile is slim. :)
2. Keeper that needs a little update... sentimental ornaments that will be updated by removing their stale hooks and hanging them with ribbon.
3. Unnecessary or out of date decorations... these are going in the yard sale boxes.

While my ornament sorting is still a work in progress,
the tree was looking lonely.
Andy did his part by putting the bubble lights on.
Bubble lights are my favorite!
Now it was my turn.
Remember this shopping trip to Hob Lob and all the goodies I scored?

Since my out of date tree topper was in the yard sale box.
R.I.P mauve and cream Santa!
It was time to put those supplies to good use.
With a little work I made this...

I'm calling this Seuss inspired crafty creation,
the True Meaning of Christmas Tree Topper.

I love how completely over the top it is.
Fun & colorful!
So tell me, what do you think?
God's blessings on your night, Sarah :D

Ribbon Ornaments

Hi all!
With the tree going up I have ornaments on the brain.
So I thought now was the perfect time to try my hand at these...

Mmhh yes, beautiful!
Since I was without a tutorial I did what any good crafter does,
I made it up as I went. :>
I used the smooth styrofoam balls, flat sequin pins, and tons of ribbon.
I can't lie, this was not a fast project.
Once I got going it took about 2 hours.
If this weren't a gift for my mother-in-law I would have abandoned the project midway.
But it was, so I didn't.
And I'm so glad I stuck with it.
So without further ado I give you my very first ribbon ball. :)

Thanks Rach for introducing me to Shelley's website.
If any of you crafty gals make your own I'd love to see pics!
God's blessings on your day, Sarah :D