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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Merry Christmas To Me

Hi all happy Wednesday!
I usually like to blog about fun, crafty stuff but today I need an ear.

This morning, as I was innocently buying a few groceries (yes honey, that means I'm cooking a real dinner tonight), my phone died.
As in D-I-E-D, gone!
No amount of resuscitate efforts could bring it back.
So in complete spazz mode I loaded up my dinosaur phone and headed to Verizon.

Poor Skylar, no amount of personal relations training could have prepared him for me.
Dressed in sweats, because I had planned to clean house all day, I signed in.
After waiting about 30 minutes for my turn, I introduced myself...
"Hi, I need help. But first, I want to say, I'm a REALLY nice person!".
Note to self: If anyone ever says that to you, RUN!
What followed next was the best possible version of a meltdown.

Basically here's the 411...
1. Old phone dead, no help available.
2. This is my business line, so going without a cell phone was unacceptable.
3. Mom gave me her iphone BUT for reasons too numerous to list, I need to stay with Verizon.
4. I basically wanted the iphone with Verizon and for free (because after all it is Christmas).
5. Oh, and in a girly color.... just if you have it. ;>
So, after spending 2 hours with my PC loving, online gaming, new BFF here's the results...

LOOK, a new BlackBerry from Santa.
I must have been a really good girl this year?!
OR, maybe I've been really bad and that's why this happened??

The good thing is that they billed me for it, so it's kinda free.
Well, until my statement arrives next month.

For any of you wondering what to buy me for Christmas I think a Verizon gift card would be perfect! ;>

Whew, thanks for listening.
I hope you're all having a fabulous afternoon.
Now that I feel better, I'm going to crank up some Christmas music and clean, clean, clean!
God's blessings, Sarah :D


Rachel McPhillips said...

I cannot believe you bought a *freaking* blackberry. You can be a Mac lover no more. You will hate that thing and want to throw it out the window. Trust me, I've had two.

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