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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Welcome To The Family, Pepper

Hi all!
We've had a great and busy week.
But I couldn't end my day without a bloggy moment,
and this one's good!

Remember Lucky?

The sweet 6 week old lab that was left at the empty house across the street?

She spent her first week here,
with us looking for her a home.
She stayed in the garage at night and in the back yard during the day.
The boys played with her every afternoon.
She cried for them when they left for school in the mornings.
Of course the boys and I fell in love with her
Andy kept his head.
We already had 1 dog and 2 cats,
did we really need more animals?

A week into our arrangement I left a note on the door across the street.
It stated that although we loved Lucky, she couldn't stay with us any longer.
I asked for the owners to call me and left my number.

We heard nothing.

I had Maggie's groomer put up a sign in her shop.
Free adorable black lab puppy,
just in time for Christmas.
Again, we heard nothing.

Last weekend Andy sat us down.
He decided that if Joseph wanted to keep Lucky he could.
Lucky and everything needed to care for her would be his big Christmas gift.

Joseph was beside himself with excitement!
Andy's only request was that Joseph choose his own name for her.

Enter Franny.
Her specialty is naming new dogs for their owners.
She talked to Joseph, met the pup and came up with the perfect name...
Pepper. :)

We've continued to work with her over the past week.
She's getting better about not biting us.
Although the night she bit James little piggies while he innocently ate dinner was hilarious!

So today as I was monogramming her Christmas bandana my cell phone rang...
Hi, this is Terri,
I just found a note on my door about a dog??

The poor confused man and I put our two sides of the story together and came up with this...
His daughter found a pup in the side of the road and took it in.
As they searched for the dog a home, they took excellent care of it.
She had all her first shots and worming medicine.
The only problem?
His mother-in-law hates dogs.
When the dog went missing the family questioned Grandma.
She claimed to know nothing about the missing dog.
They put out an all out search effort where they live, across town.

Switch to our perspective.
An older lady pulls up to the abandoned house across the street,
while my boys were outside playing.
As the kids talk to her, she claims the dog is hers.
She explains that she is only leaving it here until it gets a little older.
That she loves the dog, but that it barks at her cat.
She would love for my boys to play with the dog and maybe even feed her.
She even stops back by the next day and leaves a bag of treats over at the house.

The man thanked me for providing the missing pieces to their puzzle.
He was very understanding when I explained that we would be keeping her,
but they were welcomed to visit her.
He said he was happy to know she had a loving home.

Yeah, I'm thinking Grandma's getting nothing for Christmas.
But luckily, Joseph's getting Pepper, and she's getting a real home. :)

Here's a peak into her induction into the Hinson family,
with her first bath.

That boy and dog have bonded like nothing I've ever seen.

She's modeling her first Christmas bandana.

Whew, being cute is tiring.

Maggie agrees. :>

Finally, the boys and their dogs.

Thanks for stopping by.
And for those of you that might be outgrowing Santa,
this story is proof that he's real. :>
God's blessings friends, Sarah


kheaney said...

what a sweet puppy! I am glad everything worked on for you guys. We have a lab puppy (7 months) ourselves and just love her. Congrats!

Rachel McPhillips said...

Wow. I cannot believe that woman. Thats almost as bad as someone stealing a dog off your front porch the day your son gets married.

barbara@hodge:podge said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Wow love the story about the dog. We have a chocolate lab- they are the best dogs (except when they steal your dinner!) Enjoy the dog - he is lucky to have found such a loving home!

Robbie said...

Great story!

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