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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Card Display

Hi all!
I spent Thursday doing my Mama-work.
It was fabulous to be without anybody home sick.
We've been passing around a stomach virus for the past week.

After getting several things checked of my To Do list it was time for my afternoon appointment.
Hair appointment that is.
Nothing makes a girl smile like new hair! :)

After coming home with a fresh new attitude I decided to tackle several projects.
One of the things riding my to do list was coming up with some type of Christmas card display.
In the past I've taped them up, as tastefully as possible of course.
But this year I was over that.

While searching out a solution, these caught my eye.

But alas, Pottery Barn's price tag didn't quite fit my budget.

Since I was hoping for something along the lines of
I chose to recreate a project I'd seen online.
Surprise, I know. ;>

I started with a bulletin board that was sitting in the corner of my office.

I wrapped it in wrapping paper.
It's fundraiser paper so it's thick and textured.
LOVE it!

I secured the paper with tape on the back.
Then I used my glittery green tinsel like gift wrap ribbon.
Yep, it got the Scotch tape treatment too.

Once I flipped it over I knew it still needed a little something.
So I made a bow with red and green sparkly wire.
Ah, now I'm liking what I'm seeing!

Time to add on the Christmas cards we've received so far this year.
And there you have it,
my free and fun Christmas Card Display. :)

So do tell,
what do you think?

God's blessings on your evening! Sarah :D

4 comments: said...

What an adorable idea!
This year our cards are lagging... but I did something different too this year I added the cards to our tree with clothespins!

Amber said...

Super cute Sarah! And I see some super cute kids on there I recognize too like the Speakmans, Zills, and Dukes! Mine are just taped up this year I may have to do something like this next year!

Jenny @ Words on Wendhurst said...

So cute! I love how you did it a little differently than the one I made, it looks awesome! Your cards are all neat and organized, mine are just up there anywhere they fit!

Steph @ somewhatsimple said...

i need one of these!

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