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Thursday, December 17, 2009


Yesterday my motto was this...
If I hurry I can have it all done by Christmas,
next Christmas that is.

I'm not sure where the snowball started,
yet I am certain that I'm rolling down the side of Mount Holiday, mid-snowball.

I do know that it starts every Thanksgiving.
The Christmas season feels so fresh and promising.

We decorate the house.
I do some Christmas projects,
oh it make me feels so crafty.
I start my Christmas cards.
We even attempt a little shopping.

Then I pause Christmas long enough to celebrate James' birthday.
And yes, I try to do it right.

After I regain my composure it's mid-December.
I feel like the kid on Home Alone...

So this morning I'm taking the time to remind myself,
Christmas isn't about the gifts I give,
OR forget to order until it's too late,
the Christmas cards I send,
whether or not they're 4x8 or 5x7,
Christmas isn't even about all my packages being beautifully wrapped,
each with a homemade bow,
although I sure do love those.

Nope, Christmas isn't about any of that.
It's not Happy Birthday to Sarah and the special people in her life.

If I remember correctly,
back before the snowball picked me up,
it's about someone bigger than all of this.

It's about the gift that my heavenly Father knew I needed.
The perfect gift wrapped in a lowly manger.

Christmas is about Jesus,
Happy Birthday Jesus!

For those of you already in the CHRISTmas spirit,
please excuse me while I get ahold of myself this morning. :)

God's blessings on your day friends, Sarah :D


Leanne said...

Thanks for visiting and thanks for this message. It's so true. This has been a more relaxed Christmas for me as I've tried to keep my focus. But there's still things that have to be done and the finish line is starting to creep up on me. Where does the time go?

Bird learning to fly... said...


Its soo true! Amidst all the commercial hussle and bussle, its good to remind ourselves of the true meaning of Christmas!

My children are still so little, but when they are older I hope to be able to teach them the gift of giving rather than receiving.

At the mo, I don't think my little boy understands too much, 'cause he keeps asking when Santa will come by :)

I told him "When it's baby Jesus' birthday!". So every day he asks me: "Mama, is it baby Jesus' birthady yet?" :D

BTW, I loved your xmas cards panel? This year I did not have time, but its already on my wishlist for next xmas...Well, one has to pace oneself ;)

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