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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year 2010

Hi all!
I realize I'm a bit behind on my blogging,
but I've been too busy making memories
to slow down and document them. :)
No worries,
Andy goes back to work on Monday,
the boys go back to school on Tuesday,
and then I'll take the time to catch up.

For now I wanted to take a moment
to wish you a Happy New Years
from At Home With The Hinsons.

We've had a wonderful evening!

The festivities started with me taking a long hot bath,
doing a homemade pedicure,
and then settling into my new Karen Neuburger jammy tales.
Ooohhh Karen Neuburger,
your jammy tales are so expensive,
and my friends make fun of them,
but you're my all time favorite!

Next we sat down at the table
to enjoy a Daddy style snack food buffet,
and hours full of games.

We started with Connect Four.

Once Joseph won we moved on to Boggle.
Let me tell you, Boggle with a seven year old rocks!
James was really good.
Sometimes the letters in his words didn't actually touch,
but he made some great words.
The best was when I laughed so hard I cried
after convincing James he couldn't earn a point for writing his name on his paper!

We moved onto a game of Nerf basketball,
which led to an all out Nerf gun war.
I'm not sure but I think Team Parents won?!

We topped off our festivities with a firework show in the backyard.

Now we're piled up in the living room ready to watch
the Red Bull New Year's No Limits...

which for us girls is a man jumping over things in a motorcycle.
Yes, I'm surrounded by boys. :)

I can only hope that 2010 is as wonderful as our New Year's Eve celebration!
God's blessings on your New Year, Sarah :D


Amber said...

Sarah y'all are amazing parents. I love seeing all the fun things you do with your boys. I pray that 2010 is a blessed year for you. Maybe this will be the year you add your Emily Margaret into the festivities!

Rachel McPhillips said...

Hope you didn't start 2010 off in jail since it's illegal to shoot fireworks in the city limits! Love you! 2010 is the year of Emily Margaret!

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