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Friday, January 1, 2010

I've Gone Cricut Crazy

Happy New Year Ya'll!
I was either really good this year
Santa Daddy felt sorry for me.
Because I got my Cricut,
I've been dreaming up projects to do
since I added it to my wish list.
And I must admit,
I've gone Cricut crazy!

It all started on Christmas morning.
I practiced on paper.

Before moving on to my favorite, vinyl. :)
I embellished one of my glitter ornaments
from this project
with a simple H monogram.
And then added a little bling.

When James saw how much fun I was having
he couldn't wait to join in.
So I added a little decor to his bedroom door.

I've enjoyed the cartridge it came with
but I was ready to take it farther.
After price shopping I found the
Home Decor cartridge on Amazon.
With my Amazon Prime membership
I had it sitting on my doorstep
in two days for $34.60.

Now it was time to girlyfy some of my blank walls.
A fleur-de-lis in the hallway.

A chandelier in the dining room.

When one of my all time BFF's delivered her baby boy,
it was time to kick up the craft factor.
Since breastfeeding is near and dear to my heart
I made her a breastfeeding starter kit. :)
Along with some Medela products I added
a Mom's Memo book.
I bought this super cute altered journal from a friend before CHRISTmas.
They made fabulous gifts and I had only one left.
I used my Cricut to personalize the front cover.
Added some ribbons for froof.

Then I typed up a few breastfeeding reminders.
Like growth spurts, feeding frequency, and the such.

I couldn't have my gift arrive in boring gift wrap.
Nope, not me!
So I made a ribbon banner with his name on it.

I attached it to the gift bag with my Croc-a-dile.

Oh my, I'm in craft girl heaven!!!
Thanks for sharing in a few of my projects.
God's blessings on your New Year, Sarah :D

3 comments: said...

wow you did go cricut crazy ~ awesome projects!
I love the fleur de lis over the switch!
have a blast

Rachel McPhillips said...

I am jealous. I want to play!! P.S. I just got a hot tool so we can bling up anything... it goes along with my new swarovski crystals!!

Janet said...

You are doing such a good job with the new toy. I loved the personalized gift bag!

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