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Friday, January 8, 2010

Snow Days & Html

Hi all!
We're enjoying our snow days at home.

Last night's beef stew was delicious,
if I do say so myself. ;>
As I snuggled up in my jammy tales,
I played with my Photoshop Elements.
Now, let me say I am no computer genius.
But, I have managed to make custom headers,
post dividers and signatures,
for both a friend and myself.

So, why the sudden push to learn blog design?
Well, I love blogging
and I enjoy beautifying things.
I was ready to step up my own blog
when a friend approached me for help with hers.
The greatest part?
In lieu of payment,
she wants to make a donation towards our adoption.
Talk about motivation!

Yes, moms will do anything for their children...
including learning html. :D
If you're looking for a little bloggy update let me know.
I'd love to help.
Stay warm friends!


edie said...

Hey Sarah,
Your blog looks great and I'm so proud of you for learning all the new goodies! Did you get an HTML book or just learn stuff from the internet? I would so love to learn more about it!
lots of love,

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