At Home With The Hinsons

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Outdoor Pillows... The Easy Way!

Hi dear ones!
This week the boys have been going to Vacation Bible School at our church.
Here we are on Monday morning. :D

With them gone, I had a few hours each morning to do my Mama Work.
That's what James calls it anyway.
While cleaning, unpacking and doing the laundry I snuck in a little Crafty Creation time.
I'm so excited to finally be revealing this project.
It's been in the works for awhile.

Several weeks ago while in Tuesday Mornings I saw these outdoor place mats with the most fabulous colors.
Upon inspection I decided I could convert them into throw pillows for the front porch rockers.

I ripped the seam to provide a little opening.
And yes, the bandaide on my finger is where I stabbed myself.
But hey, no pain, no gain!

Next it was time to put to use a couple of bags of Poly-fil.
I picked them up several months ago for $1.07 each.
Insert SqUEaL here!

I stuffed them full, they probably held 1/2 bag each.

Once I had them all lined up and waiting it was time to drag out the sewing machine.

This was my very first attempt at sewing.
Yes, that means I had to bust out the owner's manual! ;>

I may not sew the straightest lines,
but I got the job done.
I even did reinforced stitches!!!

For under $15 I have four outdoor pillows
my color inspiration for the summer decor.
What do you think,
is my Crafty Creation sad or spectacular?

Edited for my friends:
Here's a run down of where my porch decor came from.
Pillows- Tuesday Mornings
Green Felt Flower Decor-Hobby Lobby ( I think they were place mats too?! )
Orange Basket/Tray- Hobby Lobby ( last year )
Flowers- Hobby Lobby ( I didn't realize I shopped there so much! )
Pitcher- Wedding gift, years ago
Thanks for all your words of encouragement, ya'll are the best! :D

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Favorite Kid Photo Blog Hop

This week I am participating in the Favorite Kid Photo Blog Hop.
My first photo is from several years ago.
Sweet baby James was still a baby.
One night after watching me pull my hair up,
he insisted on having his hair pulled up too!
Then of course anything James did he wanted his Daddy to do too...
and he did.
This speaks volumes to me of the kind of loving father my boys have.

My second photo is of Joseph and James.
We were at the beach on vacation.
The boys were playing and wrestling together.
I love the brotherly companionship this pic captured.

Thanks for sharing with us here...
At Home With The Hinsons.
God's blessings for a fabulous week! :D

MckLinky Blog Hop

Good Bye George

Remember James dear pet fish George?
He lived through our Summer Beach Trip,
but died the day after we returned.
We did our best to provide for him while we were gone.
I guess 8 days was just too long without us.

In proper parenting fashion,
we talked all this through before purchasing George.
James knew that when dear George passed on we'd have to flush him.
There were tears, lots of tears, but James was a man of his word.
And dear George received a loved filled good bye...

Do you have any thoughts on childhood pets?
Suggestions on durable types of fish?
As much had James has missed dear George,
I'm afraid there'll be a George II before long.
Have a great day and thanks for your suggestions!
God's blessings, Sarah :D

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Summer Vacation - Summing It Up

Wow, I can't believe our summer beach vacation is over.
We spend 11 months looking forward to it,
2 weeks getting ready,
and then...
for those 8 days,
wonderful memories are made!
I am slowly recovering from this year's trip.
It was definitely our best one yet.
And truth be told, I'm already looking forward to next year.
Here are a few photos from our last day at the beach.
I do have a story to tell, but I'm saving it for Not Me Monday,

A new spin on our old tradition.
This year I decided to add everyone's ever growing feet to the picture.

Sweet baby James collected TONS of seashells for my craft projects!

Joseph makes the best profile pics.
This one is going to be used for his silhouette.






This picture looks like God was shining down on the Hinsons' vacation...
and really, I think He was.

And lastly, I leave you with a quote from Joseph.
"Look Mom, I think this is a crab with ADHD.
See, he couldn't decide which way to go and so he dug two holes."
Finally, sea life we can relate to! ;>

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Summer Vacation - Thursday

Hi and happy Thursday!
Today we slowed down the pace a bit.
Instead of being up and going by 6am, we slept until 9am.
It was soooo nice to lay around!

Once we were dressed, we hit the outdoors.
We enjoyed biking before it got too hot.
The boys did a few of their tricks for the camera...

During lunch we enjoyed something new, Toss Up.
Toss Up is a super fun dice game.
It was great for us because it put us all on equal playing levels.
At first it looked like Joseph was going to win...
then Mama took the lead...
during the last round James blew past us all...
but in the last play of the game Andy won!!!

After some time chilling in the room we took a dip in the pool.

We ended our evening with a delicious breakfast dinner, picked out by James, and cooked by Daddy.
YUM!!! :D

God's blessings on your night!
Sarah :>

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Summer Vacation, Mama Catches a Big One!

Hi everyone and happy Wednesday!
We're still vacationing at the beach... HOORAY!
Today we spent the morning fishing with Boompa and Gigi.

If you remember we fished on Monday and I caught NOTHING.
Except a pity fish that my Dad let me reel in for him.
Luckily enough for me I was able to sweet talk Andy into a giving me a lesson.

Because in all honesty, I don't like to do things I'm not good at.
The result you ask?
I kicked tail at fishing!
Oh yes I did catch AT LEAST 7 or 8 fish!!!
Here's a pic of my fishy friend cheesing for the camera.

Joseph also caught his share of fish.
He actually caught our largest fish... CONGRATS SON!

After our fishing trip the boys rewarded me with a trip to Target! ;>
I bought a super cute knit dress that is so comfy.
James shows off his bargain... a Tech Deck and ramp for $4.98!

Once we had our baths and our bellies were full it was time for a rest.

To top off our day we spent the afternoon swimming.

Fun times, fun times!
Until tomorrow...
God's blessings,
Sarah :D

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Summer Vacation, My Beach Boys

Hi everyone!
Today we enjoyed a day in the sun.
We started out the morning with a walk on the beach.

I plan to frame this pic of my beach boys.
I needed a print of the beach for my bedroom redesign.
I just couldn't resist having the boys in it too!

Joseph enjoyed catching muscles and watching them dig their way back into the sand.

And James? Well, he just enjoyed being James!

After finding shells and playing in the ocean, it was time to head back.

The boys cooled off in the pool.

Mama cooled off while reading Real Simple magazine.
Ah, the good life! ;>

Later this afternoon we rode bikes and stopped off for ice-cream again.
Once we had a good sugar rush going we were back to bikin'!
Until... until James, aka Tear It Up Hinson, lost a bolt... and a fender.
No worries, Joseph and Daddy would come to the rescue soon!

So what's a kid to do until help arrives?
Target practice of course!

Look at these cute faces waiting for help!

Oh wait, here's our rescue squad now...

Within a few minutes they had us on the road again.

Tomorrow we're suppose to go fishing, again.
Until then...
God's blessings!
Sarah :D