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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Hubby!

Today I am posting about my favorite man, my hubby.
To celebrate his fabulous 45 years, I am posting 45 reasons I love him!

1. First and foremost Andy has a heart for God. He loves the Lord and desires to do His will.
2. His commitment to me over our years of marriage has taught me about true love.
3. Andy is a gentleman. Not in a corny open doors for you way. In a always putting me first kind of way.
4. His love for his family runs wide and deep. The daily sacrifices this man makes for his family is indescribable.
5. He is a wonderful role model for our boys. I pray that they become the kind of man their father is.
6. Funny, my husband is hilarious. He can make me laugh harder than anyone else can. Have you ever laughed so hard while jumping rope that you peed yourself?? Really, he's hilarious! :D
7. Thoughtful, this man thinks of everything. Don't even try to top him when it comes to Christmas gifts!
8. He is honest and will try to do right by everyone. He lives his life true to himself.
9. Adventuresome - even when I say "Let's go kayaking in the ocean!"
10. Love-able, to me he's a big teddy bear. I can't wait until he comes home everyday and just hugs me.
11. Sense of fashion- any man that allows his wife to dress him cute is absolutely adorable.
12. He listens - Andy is the best listener. He always has people confiding in him. I think that's a compliment.
13. He has pretty manly hands. Sometimes, I just love to look at them.
14. A little different - he has freckles in one eye. I've always thought that was so cool.
15. Smart, how did I forget smart?! Like blow you out of the water smart. Yet, so modest about it.
16. He really has a passion for learning that's infectious. He's even motivated me!
17. He secretly loves to shop. Not in a stay at the mall all day kind of way. But a hey, check out this great deal I found on ebay!
18. Beautiful legs... sorry I really tried not to include this, but I had to. Tan, muscular, yep they're hot! ;>
19. He loves my family... the good, the bad and the cra-cra. You have no idea how much he's taught me about loving my family for who they are.
20. Auburn, how could I almost forget about his love for Auburn?! Andy is definitely the most loyal fan ever!
21. He's patient, a slow-boil kinda guy. Just watch out because when he does explode your getting what you have coming to you!
22. He thinks I'm beautiful... makeup/all natural, blonde/brunette, heavy/thin, dressed up/jammy tales.
23. Lastly for me, he's the man I prayed for. Some thirteen years ago I made the commitment to stay single until God dropped the PERFECT man in my lap. And boy did he. Oh there's been times when we both thought we'd made a mistake, but God is better and bigger than our ignorance and selfishness. Ok, make that my selfishness. When God created me, He also created Andy. Andy, thank you for being the husband that balances this wild and crazy wife. God is good, all the time! :)

Reasons according to Joseph...
24. He taught me manners.
25. He's funny... he taught me how to mess with telemarketers!
26. He taught me about hard work.
27. He taught how to appreciate good things.
28. He also taught me not to buy everything I see!
29. He helps me with my sports.
30. He takes us to the beach and Auburn football games.
31. Daddy taught me that first impressions are important.
32. He's a good listener.
33. He takes care of us.
34. He can help me figure out anything!
35. He's teaching me how to be a man.

Reasons according to James...
36. I love him because he's special, he's MY Daddy.
37. He holds me up tall.
38. Daddy lets me sleep in yall's bed.
39. He takes me places, like out to eat, Funzone, and the beach.
40. I love him because he's good to my Mama.
41. He buys us prizes!
42. He fixes us good food.
43. He plays with us.
44. Daddy taught me how to ride a bike without training wheels.
45. "Now this is it... because he's a good man, just like Jesus!"

Happy birthday sweetie.
I hope your day is full of God's blessings!


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