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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Summer Vacation, A Great Beginning

As you know, the Hinson family beach vacation is always in July.
This year's vacation started off with a little detour.
We drove most of the way down and then spent the night in Daphne, AL.
Andy treated us to a delicious dinner at the Blue Gill.

The boys were starving after a long car trip!

After lunch we checked into our hotel.
We took a little time to rest.
Andy looks like he's in pain... I think he was just r-e-a-l-l-y tired.

Our adventure for the evening was bike riding in Fairhope, AL.
Ok, I can't lie... I thought I'd just walked into a Thomas Kincade painting.
Honestly, what a BEAUTIFUL town!
We rode bikes on a trail that overlooked the bay.

Of course even if there's a trail, this boy will choose to go off road!

Joseph and James were certain they could catch a tiny fish.
We actually let them try, good clean fun, right?!

The clouds looming overhead promised rain so we loaded up the bikes.
But not before checking out this fountain.

Last, but certainly not least we took a walk down the pier.
It was already starting to rain, but Andy said he didn't think I'd melt.
Whatever Andy, you know I'm the sweetest thang living in our house! ;>
As we got farther down the pier I was shocked at the amount of people fishing.
Men throwing out nets, and all kinds of people with rods and reels.
We stopped at the end, and sat watching the fishermen and women.
It was amazing to see the number of fish they caught.
We were like their groupies, cheering them on!
James was obsessed with holding one of the fish.
So when one of the men caught a small fish, he gave it to James.
Here's a clip...
Sorry it's kinda grainy, I took it with my cell phone.
I have to say that our pier walk brought the most unexpected fun!

Thanks Andy for our wonderful vacation.
Thank you Fairhope for your story book beauty.
Thank you boys, for the joy you bring us.
Most of all, thank you Lord for all of these blessings and more!

Until tomorrow's edition,
Sarah :D


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