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Friday, July 10, 2009

A Party Fit For My King ;>

Here's a peak into Andy's birthday.
Thanks to everyone for making his day special!

James helped prepare Daddy's birthday dinner.

Mama's Sante Fe Soup is Andy's favorite.
It's perfect because it easy, quick and feeds a ton of people!

Mmmhh, the soup got Daddy's seal of approval.

James' showed Andy that he cleaned his room just for his birthday!

Andy models the crazy shoes he bought himself.
See, told ya he has sexy legs! ;>

Close up of Andy's "I trip acid" shoes.
He doesn't call them that, I do.
Just keeping it real.

Here's Addison and James.
They were supposedly helping me serve the soup...
looks more like they're being mischievous!

Everybody loved the soup except Claire and Frandaddy.
So they just had to love each other.

Here's Andy blowing out his candles... with a little help of course!

James and Addy hand out the birthday prizes.

James looks excited.
I think that card must have had a little money in it!

Jo-Jo makes Claire-bear smile.

Boompa shoots Air-soft targets with Andy, while James pretends.

Hooray, Boompa and James make a pretty good team!

And last, but certainly not least...
Joseph shows off his newly installed, teenage muscle "bumps"!!! :D


Rachel McPhillips said...

It looks like James is trying to shoot Dad and what does my daughter have on? She looks homely and WHERE is her hair bow?!!? I'm sure she asked that question, though! Sad we missed it!

Christina said...

Looks like a fun birthday party. Would you be willing to share your soup recipe? We love soup and that sounds wonderful.

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