At Home With The Hinsons

Monday, November 29, 2010

My Winter Uniform

Ok, so it's Monday.
You've survived a long weekend
and you're ready to tackle your to-do list.
But, first you need a laugh.
And being the thoughtful person I am,
I'm here to make that laugh be totally out loud.
I reveal to you what is sure to be my winter uniform...
well the one I wear at home of course.

Here are the top reasons this outfit 
will be a season staple:
1. Nike Tempo shorts are the most comfortable shorts evah.
2. I get hot & sweaty when I clean house,
so I must stick with active wear.
3. I'm secretly still mourning the loss of summer.
4. Since it's cold outside, I need the boots to stay warm.
5. And probably the top reason this get up's a keeper...
Andy almost fell off the couch laughing 
when I walked into the room this morning.

So there ya go,
your morning dose of silly fun.
Now, go tackle those bathrooms.
It's Monday ya know! 
God's blessings,
Sarah :)

Thanksgiving 2010

Good morning all!
I hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving.
We enjoyed a low key holiday.

Tuesday night we helped Nanny make dressing.
Hello Y-U-M-M-Y!

Andy had to work on Thanksgiving,
so we gobbled up two days of feasting!
Wednesday we had dinner with Franny & Frandaddy.

Then, Thursday we headed over to eat with
Nanny & Op, Nana & PaBill.

We devoured serving dishes loaded 
full of delicious food.
Of course I made my infamous Green Bean Casserole.
Then while the cousins played outside
and the adults chatted,
Joseph & Alan snuck in a little game time. 

We shared a Hinson only dinner
Thursday night.
Thanksgiving dinner leftovers 
served Mama style, no less.
It was nice to avoid rushing from table to table.
We were able to savor our time with family,
thanking God for a year's worth of blessings.

I hope your Thanksgiving was filled with 
the stuff memories are made of!
God's blessings, Sarah :)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Laundry Room Update

Hi all!
I'm here to share my last project.
It's been completed for several weeks now.
You know, long enough to be messy again. ;)

Here's the only before shot I could find.
This was at our house blessing
when we moved in three years ago.
That's my mom & niece enjoying a smackerel.

Now here's my confession.
I chose to paint the kitchen & laundry room orange.
I really wanted my Auburn dishes to feel at home.
And they did.
For awhile I loved it.
But then??
Well, I got over it.
I decided my tiny laundry room
with zero natural light,
needed a mini-makeover.

For my paint color I picked
a shade lighter than my bathroom.
Good thing it's almost time to prep for Emily Margaret.
I'm gonna need to inject a some pink in this home.

After several days,
numerous paint colors
and what seemed like a bajillion coats of paint,
it all came together.
Mama was pleased! 

Please look past the poor lighting
as you admire my impromptu hanging rod.
This adjustable rod makes the perfect
home for my extra hangers.

Check us out now b-a-b-y.
No more bags of cat/dog food to climb over.
Since we mix it all together I don't have to worry
when I pick up a different brand food on sale.

One day (soon I hope) this little nook 
will house a set of Daddy made lockers.
But until then my dresser will
help us stash away clutter.

Last but not least I pulled this 
bad boy from the garage.
It originally served us in our closet 
at the old house.
It's new mission?
To house my sewing machine, 
embroidery supplies and ever growing stash of fabric.

Sooooo, there ya go.
The last project I did before I placed myself on probation.
No more painting & beautifying until 
everything is clean and organized.

It still needs some froofing, 
but I'll get there.
Thanks for stopping by!
God's blessings, Sarah :D

Monday, November 22, 2010

James Hinson, CRNP Jr.

Good morning all!
Here's a quick peek at last week's fun.
East Elementary School does spirit week
before the Auburn/Alabama game.
They raise money for charity
and the kids get to dress up.
Now you know James is all about dressing up.
So what was a boy to do when
it's community service worker day??
Dress up as Daddy of course!
Here's James as a Nurse Practitioner. :)

He was absolutely adorable.
I'd let him take care of me anytime!
God's blessings on your day, Sarah :)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

In Memory of Buddy Cat

This week the Hinsons 
lost a dear loved one.
His name was Buddy,
but we called him Buddy Cat.
I'm not sure when we started calling him that,
maybe it was once James started talking??
Anyway, this is his story.

When Joseph was 2 years old
we tried to teach him to sleep in his own bed.
Since he'd been wanting a dog,
I thought we'd bribe him with a pet.
I explained that we couldn't have a dog
(we lived in a little duplex apartment at the time),
but I thought a cat would be pur-fect.
We'd had a rabbit, Doby.
That ended with me carrying the rabbit,
cage and all his related accessories back to the pet store
and telling the owner to do whatever he wanted to with it!

So, a cat it was.
After a couple of nights in his own bed
it was time to seal the deal.
I headed to the animal shelter,
only to find that they were fresh out of kittens.
I checked the Vet's offices,
As a last chance option
I called Decatur's animal shelter.
I explained the situation 
and the lady on the phone said they had ONE kitten left.
I told her I'd head her way,
to please hold the kitten for us.
She said it was against their policy to "hold" animals.
"Umh, I'll be right there" I said.
Joseph & I arrived in Decatur about 45 minutes later.
We introduced ourselves and said we were there for a kitten.
The nice lady replied, "Oh we don't have any kittens."
Needless to say I melted down
"But I just called and you said you had ONE left."
Once she realized who I was she went to the back and got him.
She was unofficially saving him for Joseph. :)
When she came from the back she brought
the cutest kitten I've ever seen.
Buddy Cat was tiny with long black hair.
It was love at first sight.
Long story short, Joseph never slept in his bed again.
He'd just bring Buddy Cat and pile up with us.

Now let me tell you, Buddy Cat was wild.
I remember him climbing up the door facings...
good thing he was cute AND Joseph adored him!
As soon as he was old enough we 
had him neutered and his front claws removed.
I lovingly referred to him as our walking stuffed animal.

As the years went on,
he settled down.
Although he once attacked a stray dog
that was coming too close to Joseph.
He was known to run off any other cat
that we attempted to rescue.
When Tiger became ours,
 he thought Buddy Cat was his mother...
and Buddy Cat took him in.

He was the ultimate survivor.
Mama forgets to give you water?
Drink out of the fishbowl,
dripping faucet and yes, even the toilet.
Out of food??
Just wait till the boys finish eating dinner
and then eat their leftovers.
For years he didn't have a litter box.
He'd just meow at the door and go outside.

Every summer when we went on vacation,
we'd leave Buddy and a bag of cat food outside.
When we'd get home he come out of hiding.
He'd be beyond mad at us
but with a little coaxing, 
he'd come back inside.

He never did anything except what he wanted to do.
On this day, he didn't
want to be in the Christmas card picture.

When we had company,
he'd hide.
Even if the company was there for days.
Occasionally he'd run through the house
and people would say
"When did ya'll get a cat?!"
And this cat shack?
He h-a-t-e-d it.
He only stayed in it long enough
for me to snap a picture.

He was loyal,
and he loved his boys.

This was were we'd find him 
if James was sleeping.

Buddy Cat you were 12 years loved.
Once you were King of the Castle,
forever you'll be King of Our Hearts.

Friday, November 12, 2010

"Where I'm From" by Joseph Hinson

Earlier this week as a homework assignment for English,
Joseph had to write his own version of "Where I'm From".
Joseph explained that this poem was compiled of things
that only the writer and their family would know the meaning of.
Here's his sweet and simple poem,
that's no frill but all heart.

Where I’m From”

I am from Op’s old truck, the blanket and couch daddy laid me out on.
From Focalin, Adderall, and Stratera.
I am from the tall grass near the edge of my apartment.
From wooden spoons and switches.
I’m from I love you and stop singing becus’ you can’t.
From squares and tic-tac-toe.
I am from  the pages of “Winnie the Pooh” and “Franklin”.
From “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” and “Shoulder Lean”.

I’m from Noony and Booch,
From Op and Nanny.
I’m from “I love you too the moon and back” and “more than a hog loves slop”.
From Calm Down and You have to take a nap.
I’m from Get that phone Edith and Op’s mom dying when he was a child.
I’m from the Lord has risen, He has risen indeed.

I’m from thick hair and A.D.D.
From Chicken Helper and Ramen Noodles.
I’m from turkey dressing and Christmas ornaments.
I’m from the Bible and a cross.
From the importance of family, Aunt Pat ascending into the clouds, and popping fingers.
From the broken trash can and splintered light pole near the bridge.

In a pocket watch box full of Op’s army pictures, Auburn grass and a mouth piece.
I am from those memories—
Who made me who I am—
Who continue to shape me.

That child is precious
and I'm proud to be a part of where he's from! 
God's blessings friends,
Sarah :)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hinson Family Pics

Good morning all!
Today I'm here to share this year's family pics.
As you know, my baby sister is a blossoming photographer.
Since she's a professional and all,
I have to let her boss me around when it comes to photo sessions.
You see,
I hadn't even given Christmas card photos a thought.
That is until she said, you know we've gotta get this done.
So instead of hem-hawing around 
I scheduled our session, pronto.

Here's how the conversation went...
Me: "I don't have the time or money to get our Christmas outfits."
Rach: "That's ok, wear what you have."
I like matchy-matchy, she prefers color coordinating.
Me: "I really don't want to do red again. 
Can we do all white?"
Rach: In her very professional tone, "Well white is a color reflector."
Me: "What about black, can we do black??"
Rach: Same tone, "Well black is a color absorber."
Now I don't really know what all that has to do with 
family photos but I got her gentle message, NO.

After several phone calls and assessing what we had
we decided to go with Auburn colors.
We're orange & blue through and through
and I really needed those colors on my photo wall.
My thought was, 
we'll do the Christmas card in black & white if necessary.

So, I prepped the clothes and the peeps.
They complained,
I lectured.
"One day when I'm dead you'll be glad we had the pictures made!"
Way to throw out those rays, Mama Sunshine.

Rach likes to rotate her photo locations.
Her current fav is my mom's house.
That meant we had a place to change,
extra man-handlers 
AND a hot meal after we were through.

We started out a tad uptight. 

Until Rach instructed us to be silly.
Oh yeah, the Hinsons can do silly!

Next she had James stretch out across us.
This is an accurate picture of our family dynamics.

 That James, he's a laugh a minute!

Once we were over the sofa,
Uncle John decided we should shoot one Cosby-style.

And what about Mom & Dad?
Those lovebirds deserve an updated pic together. ;)

Now this photo started out just the boys,
until Mama said
"Wait, don't forget about me."
Short black sox and off centeredness considered
I think it's cute.

 Next it was time for wardrobe change.
But first, Daddy Hinson aka Cam Newton
needed to make an appearance.

As long as we were going with the Auburn colors,
why not bust the jersey's too?
I LOVE this picture of my boys!
Joseph looks so sweet and gentle with his gorgeous hair.
James' handsome grin looks like he's about to get into something.

Mama's AU outfit was the addition of a chunky Auburn necklace.
This was when the boys said
"Are we almost finished?? No more pictures, please!"

Here's those loyal Auburn fans, the Hinson four.
How hilarious is it that the boys insisted 
I hold this football?!

 Now it was time for some candid shots.
Mama left the scene of the crime,
and the boys got a little c-r-a-z-y.


That's us, the Hinsons.
Laugh with us OR at us,
but you're certain to be laughing!

Thanks Aunt Rach for our greatest photo experience.
The clothes weren't perfect.
The session wasn't overly planned.
But the memories made WILL last a lifetime.
And that my friend, 
is certainly a ray of sunshine!

God's blessings & love,
Mama Hinson :)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Resting on the Sabbath

Hi all, happy Sunday!
Are you soaking up the Sabbath?
After a long week the Hinsons are
catching up on some much needed rest.
I think we worked/played so hard this week
that we were physically exhausted.
As in I actually thought I was sick yesterday.
But after a seriously long night's sleep,
I feel much better.
God knew exactly what He was doing 
when He commanded us to rest.
I all too often skip over that instruction.
How about you?
Do you get so caught up in the doing
that you forget the being?
I'll be back with a recap from our week.
Enjoy your day and by all means,
ponder God's wonderful design. :)

Monday, November 1, 2010

Small Change, Big Impact

Hi all!
How was your Monday?
Mine was busy,
but so much better than last week.
Thank you Heavenly Father!
I've been working to finish 
up several projects that I can't wait to share.

Now you know,
if there's one thing I love, it's organization.
I dream of things being fixed.
But my problem is always how to fix things.
I like my solutions to eliminate clutter,
not make it worse.
I try to think through the 
short and long term goals and options.

So here's my current situation.
With the return of backpack & jacket season
my dining table has turned into a dumping ground.
I missed my clean table and had 
given up on ever using it again.
That's when Andy came to my rescue!
Before starting back to work last Thursday,
he pulled out the drill and super duper 
wall anchors and fixed me up.
Now I give you my minor update 
that delivered BIG impact.

Hooray for my simple coat rack!
Joseph's backpack was too heavy so 
it sits neatly in the corner.
Since I couldn't be outdone by the boys
I cleaned out the bottom left cabinet for my stuff.
Because a Mama's gotta have a place to put
her purse, planner, adoption binders & such.

Then this afternoon I decided my little coat rack
 was ready for the finishing touches.
I started by hanging our Ikea leash hook.
How cute is that little doggy tail
sticking out of the wall??

The cherry on top was that I finally 
framed and hung our New House Blessing Picture.
Because I'm all about 3 year turnaround time.
The boys look like babies!

So now when the boys come busting in
I can usher them to the corner for our tidy drop-zone
Now spill it,
what project are you working on?
Come on inspire me,
and thanks for stopping by!

God's blessings friends,
Sarah :)