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Saturday, November 20, 2010

In Memory of Buddy Cat

This week the Hinsons 
lost a dear loved one.
His name was Buddy,
but we called him Buddy Cat.
I'm not sure when we started calling him that,
maybe it was once James started talking??
Anyway, this is his story.

When Joseph was 2 years old
we tried to teach him to sleep in his own bed.
Since he'd been wanting a dog,
I thought we'd bribe him with a pet.
I explained that we couldn't have a dog
(we lived in a little duplex apartment at the time),
but I thought a cat would be pur-fect.
We'd had a rabbit, Doby.
That ended with me carrying the rabbit,
cage and all his related accessories back to the pet store
and telling the owner to do whatever he wanted to with it!

So, a cat it was.
After a couple of nights in his own bed
it was time to seal the deal.
I headed to the animal shelter,
only to find that they were fresh out of kittens.
I checked the Vet's offices,
As a last chance option
I called Decatur's animal shelter.
I explained the situation 
and the lady on the phone said they had ONE kitten left.
I told her I'd head her way,
to please hold the kitten for us.
She said it was against their policy to "hold" animals.
"Umh, I'll be right there" I said.
Joseph & I arrived in Decatur about 45 minutes later.
We introduced ourselves and said we were there for a kitten.
The nice lady replied, "Oh we don't have any kittens."
Needless to say I melted down
"But I just called and you said you had ONE left."
Once she realized who I was she went to the back and got him.
She was unofficially saving him for Joseph. :)
When she came from the back she brought
the cutest kitten I've ever seen.
Buddy Cat was tiny with long black hair.
It was love at first sight.
Long story short, Joseph never slept in his bed again.
He'd just bring Buddy Cat and pile up with us.

Now let me tell you, Buddy Cat was wild.
I remember him climbing up the door facings...
good thing he was cute AND Joseph adored him!
As soon as he was old enough we 
had him neutered and his front claws removed.
I lovingly referred to him as our walking stuffed animal.

As the years went on,
he settled down.
Although he once attacked a stray dog
that was coming too close to Joseph.
He was known to run off any other cat
that we attempted to rescue.
When Tiger became ours,
 he thought Buddy Cat was his mother...
and Buddy Cat took him in.

He was the ultimate survivor.
Mama forgets to give you water?
Drink out of the fishbowl,
dripping faucet and yes, even the toilet.
Out of food??
Just wait till the boys finish eating dinner
and then eat their leftovers.
For years he didn't have a litter box.
He'd just meow at the door and go outside.

Every summer when we went on vacation,
we'd leave Buddy and a bag of cat food outside.
When we'd get home he come out of hiding.
He'd be beyond mad at us
but with a little coaxing, 
he'd come back inside.

He never did anything except what he wanted to do.
On this day, he didn't
want to be in the Christmas card picture.

When we had company,
he'd hide.
Even if the company was there for days.
Occasionally he'd run through the house
and people would say
"When did ya'll get a cat?!"
And this cat shack?
He h-a-t-e-d it.
He only stayed in it long enough
for me to snap a picture.

He was loyal,
and he loved his boys.

This was were we'd find him 
if James was sleeping.

Buddy Cat you were 12 years loved.
Once you were King of the Castle,
forever you'll be King of Our Hearts.


Jennifer said...

Oh, I'm so sorry for your loss. I love the pictures of Buddy sleeping with the kids!

I lost my beloved German Shepherd on Aug. 1st. She was 15 when she passed, but I'd had her since she was a pup. She was the first dog that was all mine. She was with me through hubby's deployments and both my babies -- but she was really my oldest daughter's dog. I miss her terribly!!

Hugs to you and your family!

lexi said...

I am SO sorry.

I lost one of my baby kitties a few months ago.

Love your family's story of Buddy Cat.

Rachel McPhillips said...

Poor Buddy cat!! Miss you-- best story of him is when you were moving from the yellow house-you know the one!

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