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Monday, November 1, 2010

Small Change, Big Impact

Hi all!
How was your Monday?
Mine was busy,
but so much better than last week.
Thank you Heavenly Father!
I've been working to finish 
up several projects that I can't wait to share.

Now you know,
if there's one thing I love, it's organization.
I dream of things being fixed.
But my problem is always how to fix things.
I like my solutions to eliminate clutter,
not make it worse.
I try to think through the 
short and long term goals and options.

So here's my current situation.
With the return of backpack & jacket season
my dining table has turned into a dumping ground.
I missed my clean table and had 
given up on ever using it again.
That's when Andy came to my rescue!
Before starting back to work last Thursday,
he pulled out the drill and super duper 
wall anchors and fixed me up.
Now I give you my minor update 
that delivered BIG impact.

Hooray for my simple coat rack!
Joseph's backpack was too heavy so 
it sits neatly in the corner.
Since I couldn't be outdone by the boys
I cleaned out the bottom left cabinet for my stuff.
Because a Mama's gotta have a place to put
her purse, planner, adoption binders & such.

Then this afternoon I decided my little coat rack
 was ready for the finishing touches.
I started by hanging our Ikea leash hook.
How cute is that little doggy tail
sticking out of the wall??

The cherry on top was that I finally 
framed and hung our New House Blessing Picture.
Because I'm all about 3 year turnaround time.
The boys look like babies!

So now when the boys come busting in
I can usher them to the corner for our tidy drop-zone
Now spill it,
what project are you working on?
Come on inspire me,
and thanks for stopping by!

God's blessings friends,
Sarah :)


Jennifer Murray said...

We have a "drop zone" at our house too. A simple Target 4 pronged coat rack that is perfect for the kid's coats and backpacks!!!! Love it!

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