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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Part 2

Happy Halloween, again! 
Tonight we dressed up 
and headed out for trunk-or-treat.
Before the festivities began we stopped 
off to visit Nanny & Op.
It was nice to chat and chill...
all while munching on yummy candy. :D

When it was time to go 
I let Joseph drive to the Quick Stop 
at the end of the road.
Whew, talk about S-P-O-O-K-Y!

Finally we made it to the sight of the fun.
Nana & PaBill's church, Livingston Chapel
hosted a spectacular trunk-or-treat.
Theirs' was held behind the church...
in the cemetery.
That kicked the spook factor way up!

Here are the party animals now.
Joseph as a Bearcat Boy,
Nana & PaBill as Popeye & Olive Oil,
Addison Marie as Little Red Riding Hood
and James as a *glowing* radiation skeleton.

In classic PaBill form he set up a laptop in their trunk 
and had Popeye cartoons playing.

Once the kids had visited all the trunks,
it was time to enjoy the treats.
I think Claire didn't want to share Jo-Jo's sucker.
Look at that real tear!

What better way to work off that sugar high
than with a little playground action?
Addison was so proud that she went 
across the monkey bars
"All by myself!"
Aunt SaSa only helped, a little

That's it for us.
We're about to call it a night.
Thanks for joining in on our fun!


Rachel McPhillips said...

Aww.. my girls are so cute. :)

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