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Monday, October 11, 2010

Ready For Fall Ya'll

Good morning friends!
I'm here to state the obvious,
I'm a summer kinda girl.
Although I've been in denial
that fall was in full swing,
I'm finally moving on to acceptance.
I've decided I'm ready for shorter days and
evenings piled up with my peeps.
I'll be tired of hibernating come spring
but as of now, I'm ready for fall ya'll. :)

Now just like a gal can't go to a party without
the right attire, a home can't prepare for
the next season without the right decor.
So to announce that we were welcoming fall
I spent the weekend accessorizing.

I started by giving my door cross
a coat of paint and moving it.
I loved having it on the door
but it was time for a change.
Thanks to my Prince Charming
 for installing the hardware. :) 

Don't laugh but I rescued my
bouffant pumpkin from the yard sale donations.
I'm planning a makeover, 
I just haven't decided what direction she'll go.

Next I took down my spring tulip
and replaced it with a spooky cutie cat.
With the help of my cricut, a recycled felt cat,
2 cardboard remnants, a little scrapbook paper,
a ton of modge podge and a touch of ribbon
I created THIS:
I'm loving my cutie cat.
Next up a took my white hob lob pumpkins
and hit them up with a touch of spray paint.
Once dried I added a vinyl monogram.
Hello hottie!
Now my past it's prime spring/summer entrance
is officially welcoming you AND fall.
Although I might need to raise cutie cat
up higher, I'm liking the look.
That's last year's halloween rag wreath
that all fattened up with an extra layer of tulle.
So, enough show and tell.
I wanna know,
are you all decked out for the season
or still looking for inspiration?
There are some fabulous projects floating around.
Check out the CSI project for spray paint overload. :)
Thanks for stopping by.
Have a fabulous day! :)


Kelli @ RTSM said...

I love your painted pumpkin. Is the monogram painted on too or is that vinyl?

Amber said...

Looks great!! And just so you know I used your blog post from last year to learn how to make the rag wreaths :) It's helping me raise a lot of money for Relay for Life!! So thanks for posting your tutorial stuff it comes in handy!

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