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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Good Morning Halloween!

Good morning all
and Happy Halloween.
Even though tomorrow's Halloween,
in our part of the world we'll
be trick-or-treating tonight.
James is going as a skeleton,
a radiation skeletion no less.
Joseph says he's too old to dress up,
but I'm prepared for the last minute
"You didn't even get me a mask to wear?!"
I picked up some hair spray paint
and he'll be toting a bucket that says
"Never Too Old For Candy!"
Mama will be sporting her razzle dazzle
Trick or Treat shirt and comfy shoes.
Big Daddy's in the middle of his seven on,
so it looks like the boys and I will fly solo.
We plan to meet up with some friends
because the more the merrier, right?!

That's what's happening with the Hinsons.
I'm still working on the blog makeover
but I'm kinda stuck...
idk why my html code doesn't work??
Makes me flash back to 7th grade computer,
complete and udder torture for an ADHD kid.
Now I'm off to clean house!
Enjoy your Halloween and be safe. :)


Rachel McPhillips said...

Happy Halloween, Big SIs!

Jennifer said...

Hope you all have a great and safe Halloween!

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