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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Part 1

Hi all,
Happy Halloween!
I'm proud to announce that 
with the help of my flashlight,
sensible flat shoes, 
and careful attention to where I was walking 
I made it through trick-or-treating on two good feet.
Thank you to my family {aka hecklers}
for keeping me focused. 

With Andy working we were
unsure of whether he'd be joining us,
so we kept our plans low key.
Well, that and the fact that Auburn was playing.
Luckily Andy made it home in time to 
adorn his AU game earphones and pumpkin hat.

Andy's Good-Buddy-Allen brought Steven
and away we went.
We made the rounds on our street 
but sadly most people weren't playing along.
So we loaded up,

and hit the ground running.

The boys love the neighborhood over by East Elementary.
Here's a glimpse of why.

Lots of the houses got in on the fun.
Look at James' beaming
as he prepares to beg for more candy.

As the littles were having good clean fun,
 these jokesters were lurking in the street.
Poor innocent Joseph just wanted to smile for a pic.
Some people ought not be let out of the house.

As we finished up our trek,
we ran into these Hallo-weenies
that came bearing gifts.

James said "Mom, did Boompa & Gigi
drive from Birmingham just to see us??
WOW, they must think we're really special!"
Of course son, you boys are really special. :)

After one more neighborhood we headed over
to see another set of grandparents...
the Franparents.

And of course there were more prizes for my little tricksters!

Once we made it home we it was time 
for one of my favorite Halloween memories,
digging through the loot!

We chillaxed in our jammy tales,
ate a late dinner
and enjoyed the Auburn game.
Thank you Lord for DVR's.

Last but not least 
I want to thank Big Daddy.
First for my Halloween tiara.
Isn't it the greatest?! 
But more importantly for sacrificing 
extra hours on call 
to be able to trick-or-treat with the fam.
That makes him the greatest Halloween treat of all!

Tonight we'll be going for Halloween Part 2.
We're heading to visit Nanny & Op
and then to Nana & PaBill's 
church for trunk-or-treat.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing in our fun.
Now do tell, 
what was your favorite part of Halloween this year?


Rachel McPhillips said...

None of it! I really don't like Halloween. Sad. But my girls were adorable, so I guess that's all that matters!

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