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Friday, October 15, 2010

Parent Picnic Day

Hi all!
Today's the kinda day when I miss
the time of poopy pants &
hours spent being the breast buffet.
Here's today's recap:
wake the kids up,
get them ready,
take them to school,
come home & get dressed,
straighten up,
run a couple errands,
pick up lunch,
have a picnic at East with James,
come home to do a few more chores,
run several more errands,
start the afternoon pick up process,
after picking up James head to the high school,
pick up Joseph & Joshua,
run more errands,
come home & change clothes,
take everybody to a fundraiser dinner,
drop Joseph & Joshua off at the high school,
bring James home to chill for 30 minutes
and finally, go back to the high school for
tonight's homecoming game.
See you know it must be crazy
for me to miss poopy diapers. :)

Now that I've vented
let's visit today's fun.
Every year East Elementary School
has a Parent Picnic Day.
I packed up my basket
with a blanket and snacks.
Per James' request I bought our lunch
{in other words he wanted lard}.
He was quite happy with his chicken & fries.

After lunch it was time to work off some energy.
This mama's been around the block once or twice
so my picnic basket held some entertainment options.
We started out just the two of us tossing the football.
But before long we had a full blown
tackle football game under way.
I think it's safe to say our group enjoyed their picnic!


Janet said...

You're a good mom!

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