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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Easy Halloween Decor

Hi all!
I'm here with an easy & inexpensive
update for your Halloween decorations.
Today we're focusing on your light up pumpkin.
You know the one.
The pumpkin from the 'mart
that you paid less than $10 for.
We've all bought at least one in our lifetime!
Well if your lil' pumpkin is like mine,
it's seen better days.
The orange on mine was a bit faded
but it still worked perfect.
SO I did my favorite update...
I spray painted it!
Now look at how cute that once
ho-hum pumpkin is.
Now we all say,
Happy Halloween
and HOORAY for spray paint! ;)
Stop by the DIY Showoff for more fab ideas.


Jennifer @ The Toy Box Years said...

ADORABLE!! I am so doing this this weekend!

Hope you're doing well! Sorry I haven't visited in awhile!

The Sanders said...

You my dear can do amazing things with spray paint.

Terry said...

I have a couple of these same plug in pumpkins! And one of my many projects is to spray paint them. I'm making my bronze, there's so many great colors to change them up! Thanks for sharing and helping me remember to get this done! I don't see a follow button to click on, let me know when you have it on your blog and I'll definitely follow you! Have a great weekend!

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