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Sunday, November 1, 2009


Hi all,
I hope you had a great weekend filled with candy and cute kiddos!
I can't wait to see everyone's pictures.
There certainly were some great costumes this year. :D
Here's a quick Hinson Halloween recap...

Since it was Saturday we started our Halloween early.
James couldn't wait to dress up.
Lucky for us, Nana bought the grandkids their costumes this year.
Thanks Nana, we thoroughly enjoyed being Zorro!

It seems they don't make 'em like they use to.
James' first sword broke in half after he stabbed his brother's "rock hard abs".
Handy Andy to the rescue!
To make Zorro's sword a bit studier, he used a wooden dowel, funnel, Gorilla tape and aluminum foil.
I think it turned out pretty sweet.

Maggie was so proud of herself.
She loves dressing up!
Doesn't every Zorro need a pup in a poodle skirt??

We met up with several friends and headed over to the Methodist church to trunk-or-treat.
It was nice for the kids to have lots to do all in one location.

In case you missed it, Sonic had their corn dogs for 50 cents on Halloween.
That gave us a good excuse to eat out.
The cool part was that all the staff was dressed up in costumes.
They even handed out treat bags for the kids!
Sorry, with all the commotion I forgot to take pics.
Here are Joshua, Joseph and James all ready to beg for free candy. :)

According to James, he totaled 106 pieces of candy,
NOT including what he got from grandparents.
He couldn't wait to get home and count his loot!

Last but not least, you can't have all those TREATS without a proper Halloween TRICK.

I'm sad to say that I was the recipient of this year's excitement,
so here's the scoop.
We were trick-or-treating in our favorite Halloween neighborhood.
I had gotten split up from our group while I was talking to some friends.
They were in a golf cart, yes I'd call that trick-or-treating pimp style.
Heather, the mom, had broken her toe last week so she and her surgically repaired foot were confined to the cart.
When I turned around to find everyone they had moved on.
No problem, there were a bunch of us so I was sure to run into them.
As I was walking around the block I met up with Joshua.
He and Joseph were on their bikes, which I now know was a bad idea.
We turned the corner and saw a ton of trick-or-treaters and luckily enough our group was just ahead.
Joshua went ahead to meet back with Joseph.
As he safely rode off, I switched into protective Mama mode and sped up, calling out
"Joshua, BE CAREFUL..."
which was immediately followed with my ankle turning off the pavement into the gutter causing an audible and painful crack as I landed on the ground.
Yes, that's right when Andy (who had watched the entire thing unfold) and a very shaken Joshua made it over to me I was on all fours on the side of the road.
Not only did I sprain my ankle, but I also skinned my opposite knee.
Oh I had forgotten how much that hurt!
After trying to play it off like I was fine, almost passing out when I tried to walk and finely being rescued by our friends in the golf cart, I made it to the Urgent Care.
I may have been like a dog on the side of the road but I refused to go to the ER on Halloween!
My xrays showed only my old brake from middle school.
That time I was dancing in my room and decided to jump up in the air like ice skaters do...
yeah, I should really keep both feet firmly on the ground.
So, seeing as how I'm old and have injured this ankle before the doctor gifted me with crutches for a week and a brace for 6 weeks.
I thought sprains weren't as torturous as breaks??
Ya know what,
next year I think I'll stay at home and pass out candy!

Please do tell, how was your Halloween?
God's blessings, Sarah :D


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