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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Dr. Seuss Christmas Talk

Just got home from the Hob Lob.
That's what Addison calls Hobby Lobby.
I purchased all kinds of Christmas garb.

Oh yeah, I'm feeling a crafty creation, Christmas style coming on!
I promise to share all the fun with you.
I'm picturing a Dr.Seuss style arrangement.
Colorful, fun and totally tacky! :)
I think it will provide me with a great crafty distraction.

Which is good because this is what's sitting in my back yard.

Why would an old lady dump this dog at the abandoned house across the street??
Why would she ask my kids to watch out for "Lucky"??
There's an old lady some where that deserves a Grinch style Christmas!
So for now "Lucky" is safely residing in my fence.
Until the old lady comes back
Until I take her to the pound.
Ugh, why???

I'm going to decorate for Christmas and pretend my boys aren't falling in love with the "Lucky" dog in my back yard!
God's blessings friends, Sarah :D


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