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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Silhouette Tiles

Have you seen all the silhouette art out in bloggy land?
They're absolutely gorgeous!
I've been wanting to give them a try but was a little unsure.

Enter my friend Heather.
She's a new nurse who broke her toe right before her first weekend shift.
Broken as in, she had surgery and can't work for 6 weeks!
Yeah you guessed it, with all her spare time she's a new craft addict. :)

The following project is what happens when two crafters get together with a little inspiration and a box of rescued tiles.

Before I arrived Heather had already spray painted our tiles.
They went from a funky orange to creamy white.

Our first task was to cut out pics of our kids.
I faced my boys in opposite directions so they would face each other.
The first time in their life they're face to face without arguing!

Then we traced them onto black card stock.
We debated about whether our boys should have eyelashes.
But because we're girly girls we decided to keep them.
Note: This project will only turn out right if you use a #2 pencil,
hand sharpened with a pocket knife. ;>

We flipped our card stock around so the pencil lines wouldn't show.
That's when it was time for our dear friend Mrs. Modge Podge to join us.

To save you the panic we experienced,
this is the tile after the modge podge.
The lines dry, I promise!

Because no project is complete without ribbon,
I made bows with black wire edged ribbon.

Once we had our bows ready, we hot glued them into place.
I didn't want the boys to fuss about the bows so I chose the outside corners.
Maybe they won't notice??
To top it off we added crystals to the middle of our bows.
SwEeTnEsS!!! :)

Here's where they rested once they made it home.

They were so much fun and easy to make.
I absolutely love them!
What's that you say?
You're not very crafty??

Don't worry, my partner in crime thought she wasn't either.
Until she created this...

I told her she did so good that I wasn't going to post her pics. :)
But they were so fabulous I couldn't deprive you.

So do tell, what do you think?
Is this a project you might try to escape the stress of the holidays??
Not that my family would experience stress during the holidays.

God's blessings on your Thanksgiving preparations friends! Sarah :D


Heather said...

I had so much fun crafting with you!! Loved the pocket knife sharpened pencil :) That is definately a must! Look forward to crafting again soon, the pins do not come out for 3 more weeks, so I have plenty of free time!!

Kate @ The Gaines Gang said...

What A great idea. These would be perfect for grandparent gifts!

Thanks for sharing!

Katie said...

I agree with Kate, I was going to tell you these are great Grandparent gifts! Now if only I could get my 3 year old to sit still so I can take a decent profile picture. Really love this idea.

Kim said...

These are very cute and simple. Thanks for sharing (I'm glad you kept the eyelashes - wink!)

Kristin said...

Ohhhhh, I must try that. What a fabulous project!

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