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Friday, November 6, 2009

Doorstep Delivery

Hi all!
Thanks for your votes with the Halloween contest.
I haven't heard the final numbers but I know it was close.
So win or lose, thanks for voting!

Now on to business. :D

Last week my good friend Allison left a package on my doorstep.
She called out of the blue and told me to check my front porch.
It seems she had picked up some yard sale leftovers from her mom.
As she loaded them in her truck she spied something that had my name written all over it.
Without further ado I give you my doorstep treasure...

Alli said she wasn't sure what I would use it for but I knew I'd think of something.
Here I am showing off my treasure to Andy.

After looking at the lines and little cubbies I got an idea.
I've seen the most fantabulous ribbon holders around blog land.
I just haven't figured out how to recreate them.
Until, now!
So I took this...

and made this...

You Like??
Quick, easy, free and most importantly from a dear friend.
All the qualities of a treasured project!
For now it's on my bookshelf beside my desk.
It keeps my ribbon readily available for whenever inspiration strikes.
Thanks Alli!!!

Now on to Part II...

Several months ago I signed up to participate in my first gift swap.
My partner was Tawnya from Texas.
After I studied up on her a bit I got to work.
Here are a couple of the projects I made for her...
First, a cute little plate for her to decorate with
OR use as a dry erase memo board.
For short messages of course! ;>

I knew that Halloween was her favorite holiday so when I spotted this tiny pumpkin I knew it was a must.
I used a stencil, black and gold Sharpee paint pens, fancy smancy thumb tacks and of course ribbon.
What do ya think?
I call it a blingy pumpkin! :)

Today when I checked the front porch I found another doorstep delivery.
Look at the tote she packed my goodies in... cuteness!

Among the gifts she included...
a cookbook (I can definitely use that),
clorox wipes (yep, needed that)
a couple of great smelling candles (the pumpkin smells yummy),
a stress relief bath set (umh hello, how'd she know I needed that?!)
and last but not least,
the cutest reminder to sprinkle sugar on my life!

Thanks Allison and Tawnya for my doorstep deliveries.
You've both added sugar and smiles to my days.
God's blessings on your weekend, Sarah :>


Mama Holli said...

Love your Palin look!!! Wow!!! You look a lot like her! Made me look twice! Thanks for stopping by my blog!
Checking yours out right now!!!
Mama Holli

The Caretaker said...

I am so glad you got the package. I was so worried that the glass was gonna break. I LOOOOOOVED everything I got from you. Very cute!!! Thank you soooo much!!!

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