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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hinson Family Pics

Good morning all!
Today I'm here to share this year's family pics.
As you know, my baby sister is a blossoming photographer.
Since she's a professional and all,
I have to let her boss me around when it comes to photo sessions.
You see,
I hadn't even given Christmas card photos a thought.
That is until she said, you know we've gotta get this done.
So instead of hem-hawing around 
I scheduled our session, pronto.

Here's how the conversation went...
Me: "I don't have the time or money to get our Christmas outfits."
Rach: "That's ok, wear what you have."
I like matchy-matchy, she prefers color coordinating.
Me: "I really don't want to do red again. 
Can we do all white?"
Rach: In her very professional tone, "Well white is a color reflector."
Me: "What about black, can we do black??"
Rach: Same tone, "Well black is a color absorber."
Now I don't really know what all that has to do with 
family photos but I got her gentle message, NO.

After several phone calls and assessing what we had
we decided to go with Auburn colors.
We're orange & blue through and through
and I really needed those colors on my photo wall.
My thought was, 
we'll do the Christmas card in black & white if necessary.

So, I prepped the clothes and the peeps.
They complained,
I lectured.
"One day when I'm dead you'll be glad we had the pictures made!"
Way to throw out those rays, Mama Sunshine.

Rach likes to rotate her photo locations.
Her current fav is my mom's house.
That meant we had a place to change,
extra man-handlers 
AND a hot meal after we were through.

We started out a tad uptight. 

Until Rach instructed us to be silly.
Oh yeah, the Hinsons can do silly!

Next she had James stretch out across us.
This is an accurate picture of our family dynamics.

 That James, he's a laugh a minute!

Once we were over the sofa,
Uncle John decided we should shoot one Cosby-style.

And what about Mom & Dad?
Those lovebirds deserve an updated pic together. ;)

Now this photo started out just the boys,
until Mama said
"Wait, don't forget about me."
Short black sox and off centeredness considered
I think it's cute.

 Next it was time for wardrobe change.
But first, Daddy Hinson aka Cam Newton
needed to make an appearance.

As long as we were going with the Auburn colors,
why not bust the jersey's too?
I LOVE this picture of my boys!
Joseph looks so sweet and gentle with his gorgeous hair.
James' handsome grin looks like he's about to get into something.

Mama's AU outfit was the addition of a chunky Auburn necklace.
This was when the boys said
"Are we almost finished?? No more pictures, please!"

Here's those loyal Auburn fans, the Hinson four.
How hilarious is it that the boys insisted 
I hold this football?!

 Now it was time for some candid shots.
Mama left the scene of the crime,
and the boys got a little c-r-a-z-y.


That's us, the Hinsons.
Laugh with us OR at us,
but you're certain to be laughing!

Thanks Aunt Rach for our greatest photo experience.
The clothes weren't perfect.
The session wasn't overly planned.
But the memories made WILL last a lifetime.
And that my friend, 
is certainly a ray of sunshine!

God's blessings & love,
Mama Hinson :)


Rachel McPhillips said...

I am being misquoted here.. I actually said "White is a natural light reflector". And, I did a rough edit.. meaning, I didn't crop or do the thoroughness because I was getting death texts and tweets... :) Glad you like 'em.. I think they show your family perfectly!

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