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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Laundry Room Update

Hi all!
I'm here to share my last project.
It's been completed for several weeks now.
You know, long enough to be messy again. ;)

Here's the only before shot I could find.
This was at our house blessing
when we moved in three years ago.
That's my mom & niece enjoying a smackerel.

Now here's my confession.
I chose to paint the kitchen & laundry room orange.
I really wanted my Auburn dishes to feel at home.
And they did.
For awhile I loved it.
But then??
Well, I got over it.
I decided my tiny laundry room
with zero natural light,
needed a mini-makeover.

For my paint color I picked
a shade lighter than my bathroom.
Good thing it's almost time to prep for Emily Margaret.
I'm gonna need to inject a some pink in this home.

After several days,
numerous paint colors
and what seemed like a bajillion coats of paint,
it all came together.
Mama was pleased! 

Please look past the poor lighting
as you admire my impromptu hanging rod.
This adjustable rod makes the perfect
home for my extra hangers.

Check us out now b-a-b-y.
No more bags of cat/dog food to climb over.
Since we mix it all together I don't have to worry
when I pick up a different brand food on sale.

One day (soon I hope) this little nook 
will house a set of Daddy made lockers.
But until then my dresser will
help us stash away clutter.

Last but not least I pulled this 
bad boy from the garage.
It originally served us in our closet 
at the old house.
It's new mission?
To house my sewing machine, 
embroidery supplies and ever growing stash of fabric.

Sooooo, there ya go.
The last project I did before I placed myself on probation.
No more painting & beautifying until 
everything is clean and organized.

It still needs some froofing, 
but I'll get there.
Thanks for stopping by!
God's blessings, Sarah :D


Rachel McPhillips said...

So cute!! I thought that picture was Claire and then I realized that it was Addison!!! :( Oh Buddy Cat-- he loved the laundry room!

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