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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Mama's Got A Brand New Bag

Hi all,
today we're celebrating a special day here,
At Home With The Hinsons...
11 years of marriage!
Here's a peak of us at Andy's 40th Birthday party,
several years ago.

We started our day by taking the boys to Nana's & Nanny's.
Once we were alone,
Andy treated me to a delicious lunch at Fulin's.
I love good chinese food and let me tell you,
it was good.
And we had enough leftover for dinner.
Double Score!

We did some running around while we were out.
Read s-h-o-p-p-i-n-g.
My main mission?
To use my Christmas and Anniversary money for a new handbag.
Whatever, you know what I mean. :)

I spent hours making my way through too many stores,
and literally hundreds of bags.

Whew, who knew spending money would be such hard work?!
I knew what I needed,
and this was my criteria...
Color - Black... goes with everything.
Material - Leather... durable and easy to clean.
Size - Big... as in big enough to hold my loyal Franklin Covey Planner.
Brand - Preferably a reputable brand, although open to my options... you know I'm old enough to need a real purse yet too old to carry a blingy billboard.
Oh, and last but not least, Price - around $200, although certainly willing to spend less. :)

With some research under my belt,
I set out thinking I wanted the Coach Op Art tote.
It was $198, good sized and came in black.
But once I hand it in my hands,
as much as I wanted to love it,
it was NOT a $200 bag.

So I accepted defeat.
We finished up our other shopping and headed to pick up the kids.
I explained to Andy that it was very important for me to absolutely l-o-v-e my purchase.
Although I'm sure he didn't understand, he did pretend to.

On our way home Andy called in Guthrie's for the boys' dinner.
Our wait time?
Ten minutes,
just long enough for me to run into Belk.

I needed a second opinion so I begged Joseph to accompany me.
And because he's absolutely precious,
he agreed.
Poor kid!

I scanned over all their sale and big name purses.
Nothing called my name,
until I came across the Dooney & Bourke bags.
For the first time today they weren't locked behind glass,
AND they were 25% off.
Now we're talking!

With Joseph figuring out exact prices,
I had a mini fashion show.
Then, with his reluctant opinion,
I made my choice.

So, without further ado I give you,
Mama's new bag. :)

I think I found the bag that met all my criteria,

Thanks for following along.
As you can tell it's been a long day,
and I needed a little blogging therapy. :)

Happy Anniversary Andy.
You will always be the hero of my heart,
a blessing from God,
my very own Prince Charming.
I'm looking forward to another fabulous year sweetie!

God's blessings, Sarah :D


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