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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Brother Where Art Thou

Hi all, I hope you've had a fabulous weekend.
We've stayed rather busy.
Saturday was my Breastfeeding Prenatal Class at the hospital.
I had a great group of Moms/Support People.
They were really interested in learning all I had to say.
Which was great,
because we all know I'm a breastfeeding dork.
I could talk about it all-day-long...
lucky for me somedays I do! :)

While I was having a little girl time at work,
the boys had a Wink Club Meeting.
Franny met them at the movie house.
From all they've said I can tell they thoroughly enjoyed Avatar.

Next off we made our way over to Nanny's
for her birthday celebration.
Nothing like the lure of an ice cream cake to get everybody together. :)

Nana was there with her walker.
She has totally rocked her knee replacement,
I'm soooo proud of her!
Her surgery was Wednesday and Saturday night she took a few steps totally unassisted.
Yep, she's a showoff!

Today we had Sunday School and then church.
Afterwards we came home for a quick lunch,
before Andy headed back to church for a vestry meeting.

This afternoon we did a little housework,
bathed the dogs and then tried very hard to chill.

Since the kids are out of school tomorrow
Joseph's spending the night with Joshua,
his brother from another mother.
Poor James is as lost as a sheep.
He's just wandering around looking for something to do.

We couldn't let him stay sad so Andy made a trip out.
He picked up frozen pizzas and a movie.
We watched Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs,
it was adorable!

James, Maggie, Pepper and I played Legos by the fire.
We sipped the most delicious hot chocolate
(more on that tomorrow).

Check out this picture of the girls on the couch.
The cushion on the left is where Joseph usually sits.
It looks like they're just waiting on him to get home. :)

As I type this James is hanging out with the girls.

I think they're ready for me to join them again.

Enjoy the rest of your night,
we're off to play!


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