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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

*Sparkly* Christmas Ornaments

Good morning all and Merry CHRISTmas!
Today the Hinsons will be celebrating CHRISTmas with Nanny & Op.
Then tonight we'll have our CHRISTmas service at church.
James will be a wise man, and Joseph is reading.
Which reminds me of a funny story on Joseph.
When he was little, just as he was learning how to read he opened every Christmas gift like this...
Me: Joseph, read the card, who's it from?
Joseph: Love, Nanny & Op!
The look on my Grandpa's face was priceless.
He thought it was hilarious to be receiving all the credit from everyone else's gifts!

Before the day got away from me I wanted to share my latest crafty creation.
I encourage you to visit the Cricut blog for the real tutorial.

Needed supplies:
Saran Wrap
Glass decorative ornaments
Pledge with the blue top
Fine glitter

Start by taking the top off of your ornament.
It just so happens I had a house full of boys to help me. :)

Fill your ornament 1/4 full with the Pledge.
Place the Saran wrap on top and shake it up!

Pour out the extra Pledge solution.
Take your funnel and pour in the fine glitter color of your choice.
We used about 2 teaspoons of glitter.
Note: You must use the fine glitter, regular glitter will only clump.
Trust me, I know.

Now take a new piece of Saran wrap and place it over the top.

Shake it, shake it, shake it. :)

Once you've shaken it like a polaroid picture for several minutes your done.
Wipe off the top with a paper towel.
Then pop your ornament top back in place.
Tie somewhat coordinating ribbon on the hanger.
And finish it off with a sticker of your choice.
OR, if your trying this after Christmas,
AND Santa brought you a Cricut machine,
you could finish it off with a vinyl monogram.
But, that's just a thought. ;>

Have your willing models smile with their ornaments by the tree.
Great job boys!!!

Mama's ornament, Silver with blingy mistletoe.
James' ornament, Blue with Christmas tree on one side and a cross on the other side.
Joseph's ornament, Green with mistletoe on one side and a cross on the other side.
Joshua's ornament, Red with a manly cross.
So do tell, what do you think?

Thanks boys for indulging me a little.
You proved to be very good sports. :)

Now that I've done a little Martha this season,
I'm planning to spend the rest of my days at the feet of Jesus,
like Mary.
Tomorrow we celebrate the birth of our savior!

God's blessings on your day friends, Sarah :D


Nancy Jacobs Basketmaster said...

Just wanting to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2010.

Sonia said...

I love these! For some reason, Christmas has been on my mind, so I've been searching blogs for ideas. thanks for sharing!

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