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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Our Valentine's Weekend

Valentine's Day 1:
Since Valentine's Day was on a Saturday we decided that Friday night would be our date with the boys. They both wanted to do something totally different from our norm. So, instead of going out to dinner or a movie we spent the afternoon at Air It Out. Joseph & James ran, jumped, & played ball. After working up quite an appetite we picked up Chinese food and retired for the evening. We had a g-r-e-a-t time!!! 

Valentine's Day 2:
We woke up very early for a Saturday... hello 8am. Our day was starting with a birthday party at 10am. I had lots to do before the party began, wrapping gifts, prepping clothes, you know the drill. As I was about to jump in the shower, in came a very sick little James. He was snotty and definitely running a fever. So, time to revamp our plans for the day. Instead of us all attending the birthday party, Joseph & I partied on. No more thoughts of visiting the grandparents to deliver their Valentine goodies. We couldn't risk getting everyone else sick. Cupid to the rescue! Joseph & I dropped off Valentines while James napped at home. Once we finally made it home it was time to eat. Since we had to cancel our dinner reservations at the All Steak I was not in the mood to cook. But really, who needs a steak dinner when you can hit the drive thru at Arby's?! ;> After enjoying our lunch it was finally time to exchange gifts. The Franparents sent us treats from the Popcorn Factory, Nana & Pa Bill selected candied apples, and Nanny & Op gave the boys hand made Auburn quilts. Of course Andy & I had a few surprises to share with the kids & each other. After opening gifts we settled into our jammy tales to watch movies. Even though our Valentine's didn't turn out exactly like we had planned, we still had a great  weekend filled with laughter & love. 


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