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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Freshman Football Overload

Hi all, it's me.
Remember me??
That hopeless DIY romantic,
who tries to balance the must do's
with the wanna do's?
Well after a week of working in the boy's room,
I've been playing catch up around the house.

I'd planned to have my yard sale this week,
but decided to postpone it. 
Andy started his new job.
It's kicking our tail but we love it.
AND, Joseph had two-a-day practices this week.
Two-a-days as in Monday he practiced
 from 7-11am and then 4-8pm.
That's a total of 8 hours of practicing.
When he walked through the back door,
soaking wet with sweat
I said "How was practice?!"
His answer?
"Not as bad as I thought it was going to be!"
So it's been wild, but having a child
loving every minute of it makes all the difference.

My mama reward came yesterday afternoon
during football pictures.
You see I was tired from a long week.
Read: tired mama = sassy mama.
So while the boys were changing into their uniforms
I tried to find out the 411 on the picture process.
Needless to say the assistant coaches were unsure.
I decided I was over patiently waiting
for my parenting orders.
You know: show up, smile and whip out a checkbook.
That's when I found the photographer unloading his van.
He kindly explained all the details.
But the best part was this...
if I'd wait until the coaches got their shots 
then I could have my boys' picture made together.
Hello framed print for their new room!
As I headed back to the car 
I passed the head coach who was fussing 
about "finding out where the picture forms were".
Before I could stop myself,
I blurted out "The proofs will be here in 2-3 weeks,
then the parents can order online, 
I just talked to the photographer."
Oh snap was the look he shot me.
But remember, sassy mama had taken over and
 I had jumped through that man's hoops all week.
I felt a little bad but couldn't be bothered 
with explaining myself.
Later on when the photographer had finished his poses
I walked over to ask if he was ready to do sibling photos.
Luckily I had another mom who wanted the same,
and you know there's safety in numbers.
That's when a man turned and put his arms around me,
shot me a big grin and said "Sibling Photos!?!" 
When the man turned I realized it was the coach.
He probably hugged me to keep from 
strangling me, but whatever.
I consider myself paid in full for those 
two-a-days I had to choreograph my life around. :)

I did nab several pics of my own.
Remember, sassy mama 
can't leave her best laid photo framing plans 
in the hands of football coaches.

Here are the boys' on the new field.
Which by the way, is gorgeous.
I LOVE this photo
of my boys.
James was so proud to be part of the fun.
Here they are in the stands. 
And last but not least I give you,
the Three Amigos and their Mini-Me.
Thanks for stopping by.
I hope your week was twice as blessed as it was busy.
School starts back on Tuesday,
are you ready??


Amber said...

Those are great pictures!! :) I am so behind on my blog reading, but I have thought about you often. I hope you are doing well and I am still praying that Miss Emily Margaret comes home soon!

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