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Sunday, January 25, 2009

The New Baby Cousin

Recently our family was blessed with a new addition... her name is Claire Elizabeth. Claire-Bear as we call her, is the second daughter born to my sister. That's right, now the Hinson's have two nieces/cousins to spoil! Although Joseph experienced love at first sight with Addison Marie, James was a little slow to warm. Not so this time! James LOVES Claire, his "precious little baby cousin" as he calls her. You see our boys are six years apart in age. So on James 6th b'day he just knew he was getting a brother or sister. When I finally convinced him he wasn't he said "That's ok, Santa can bring me a baby for Christmas"! Uh, NO!!! After weeks of trying to "gently" explain it to him and weeks of replies like, "Mom you never know, sometimes surprises happen" I finally had to have the sit down talk. It went like this... James several years ago Mommy had to have surgery. You know how you have an organ called your lungs that breathe oxygen into your body. Well, Mommy's have an organ where babies grow. Your Mommy had to have her "baby organ" removed, so there won't be any "surprises". Needless to say James didn't like my reply. As we talked about it I reminded him that Aunt Rachel would be having a new baby soon. We discussed how new baby Claire could never have a big brother just like he would never have a baby sister. I told him that I thought GOD put the two of them together for just that reason. He lit up at the thoughts of God sending him a special gift. I really think that's why he loves her like he does. Isn't it neat how God finds a way to send us our hearts desires, even when it seams impossible?! So, precious little baby Claire, you will always have a special place in the hearts of the Hinsons. Welcome to the family!! ;>


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