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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

Living in the south is great, especially when we're surprised by SNOW!!! When we woke up and looked out the windows the ground was frozen & white. It was so beautiful that it looked like we were inside a snow globe! The boys were really excited. They couldn't wait to get outside. BUT, first things first. This morning the boys were ushers in church. And that meant no snow-ball fights until after church! Even though there weren't many people out on the road, we convinced Andy it was safe enough to go out to breakfast. HELLO All Steak! Of course we walk in & who else is there... the McPhillips! We hadn't gotten together this week so we were all glad to see each other. Thankfully there weren't many other people... poor waitress! You know we had to leave a really nice tip to compensate for the chaos that surrounded our two tables!!! After breakfast it was back home and time to play in the snow. The boys LOVED snowball fighting, yes Andy included! Maggie spent her time chasing the boys & ended up wearing most of the snow in her beard. Last but not least the boys built a fabulous snowman! Whew, now it's time for an afternoon nap. Thank you Lord for a beautiful Sunday filled with surprises!!! ;D


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