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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Oh No He Didn't!

Today has been such a beautiful day. So as soon as the kids got home from school and had their snacks we headed outside. The boys and I started a game of kickball. As Andy joined us, he had a different game in mind. He brought out a thin piece of plywood and a little black pouch. The boys were so excited to see what Andy had planned. And then it hit me... I remembered a recent purchase. As part of our "man skills" Andy bought the needed supplies to teach the boys how to throw knives. Oh no he didn't? Oh yes he did!! As if camping, fishing, starting fires and carrying pocket knives weren't enough. We are practicing the art of throwing knives and either teaching the boys how to become well rounded men, or creating freaks of society?!

Here are a few pics of the guys in action.
The last pic includes our neighbor who joined in on the fun. The three of them were actually really good!


Rachel McPhillips said...

I wondered when you find out. I have known for a while and not wanted to break the news. I smell a Not Me! Monday.

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