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Monday, October 26, 2009

Friday's Fellas

Hi all and happy Monday!
This weekend was filled with l-o-t-s of continuing education for me.
Yes I did successfully complete 20 CERPS on Saturday and Sunday...
Now, just a few more to go before I meet my requirements. :>

Friday night brought a couple of extra boys over for dinner and a movie.
I made a crock pot full of soup and Andy baked a few frozen pizzas.
For dessert he treated us to homemade Rice Krispy Treats... yum!

Sometime during the movie the boys went from this

to this!

It wasn't long before an all out boy brawl broke out.
No worries,
no child (or parent) was harmed in the making of these memories. ;>

Although they were having good clean-ish fun,
I still had to send them outside.
They had a great time until James fell in a pile of dog poop...
I've yet to receive an explanation for that one.

So really, what was I doing during my Friday night with the Fellas??
Why I was crafting of course!
I had to do something SUPER girly to maintain my estrogen balance.
Here's my BOO banner I made from ribbon, toile and scrapbook paper.

The boys were sweet enough to complement my work.
But really, what do you think??

God's blessings on your Monday, Sarah :D


Julie said...

Oh My - boys can be just a wee bit boisterous - but so much fun. Thank you for sharing the rowdy crew your blog is lovely. xo Julie

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