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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween, Hinson Style

Hi friends!
Every year our friends have the greatest Halloween party.
It's a fun and informal adults-only dinner.
Ms. Patti always schedules it on the Tuesday before Halloween,
because she's routine like that.
Which I can totally relate to. ;>
The past two years we just had too much going on so we sadly declined our invite.
Not this year.
As soon as the invitation arrived I told Andy that there was NO WAY we were missing out!
I lined up Nana & Pa Bill to keep the boys for us.
We RSVP'd early and then the only thing left to do was come up with a costume.
think, think, think.
The last time we went as Raggedy Anne & Andy.
They made for cute & comfy costumes, just not very original.
But then my genius husband got inspiration from my new glasses,
and our costumes were born.
After a trip to the Goodwill,
some amateur seamstress skills
and a last minute run to Cato's we were all set.

Without further ado I give you...

Sarah Palin

and her Secret Service Guard!

Oh yeah, Big Daddy was bustin' it with his air soft gun! :)

What follows is a photo session courtesy of Joseph...
thanks son, I promise these photos will bring you laughter in our old age.

Of course James wanted in on the action too.
A girl can never have too many body guards!

Last, but certainly not least, is a peak into the party.

Our gracious hosts Dr.Phil & Ms.Patti,
as Fiona & Puss -n- Boots.

Two Priests and A Truck

Swine Flu...
gross and hilarious!

Hope you enjoyed doing Halloween, Hinson style!
God's blessings on your day, Sarah :D


Amber said...

OH. My. Word. I have to be Sarah Palin. You have inspired me. And just so you know, I was just scanning your post before I started reading and I thought "SHE MET SARAH PALIN!?!?!!? WHAT?!?!" and then I realized... lol!!

jennifer said...

Those are all fabulous! Great pictures.

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