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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day 2010

Hi friends,
happy Mother's Day!
I'm proud to say that not only
are we celebrating Mother's today,
I'm secretly impressed that
Andy & I survived Joseph's party. ; >
But, more on the party later.

For now I have to share what my sweet boys
did to make their Mama feel special.
I started out the holiday last week,
with an early gift from James'.
It was either open it early OR
risk him exploding with excitement.
He bought me a beach ball charm
for my Brighton watch.
He spent his own money and was super proud!

Joseph's was the first gift I opened this morning.
Let me just brag on the boy,
he totally wowed me!
He purchased a beautiful silver & pearl Pandora charm.
After a long night followed by lots of clean up,
I'd say we're almost even. :)

Of course my handsome hubby
couldn't let his boys show him up.
After all, he is the Daddy of gift giving!
I made two gift requests,
a new t-shirt and switch flop covers.
He got them both!
And then??
I opened what I was certain was an air-soft rifle.
Only to be surprised with a hammock chair swing...

Since my fellas hung it
I've been doing my best to get it broke in. ; >
I spent the afternoon swinging, reading and playing with the boys.

Ah, Mother's Day at it's finest!


Infarrantly Creative said...

You look so adorable...I want to hang out with you. Happy Mother's day..late.

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