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Friday, June 18, 2010

Father's Day Shopping Story

Hi all, happy Friday!
This morning the boys and I finished
up our Father's Day shopping.
Between Big Daddy and all the grandparents,
we had our work cut out for us.
So, now that the shopping's done
I have a funny story.

I'll start by saying that the boys insist on
spending their own money at holidays.
Which I think is precious. :)
Since the boys are saving up for the beach,
they decided to go in together to buy Andy's gift.
We had picked out the perfect gift
and were on our way to the register.
As we put our money together
James said he could only spend $5.
And I knew Mr. Odd Jobs 
had more than that in his pocket.
Before I could interject Joseph lit into him,
"James, you're gonna have to put in $10."
He continued, "That way I can pay $25
and Mama only has to pay $20."
As I turned around to get control of the
situation I saw James had tears in his eyes.
Oh snap, I thought. What a stingy little jerk!
To maintain my composure I told the boys
to just pay whatever they wanted to
and we'd discuss this later.
Oh yes we will.

It was during the check out process
that James had an emergency bathroom break.
We left Joseph in line and headed to the potty.
As we were trapped in the bathroom together,
I figured it was the perfect time to discuss our situation.
"James" I said, "you need to be careful when you say
that you can only spend $5 on Daddy.
You see I know you have more money than that.
I don't want you to spend it all,
but we want Daddy to feel special on Father's Day.
When you won't pay your part,
it sounds like you're being greedy. "
It was his answer that caused my heart to sink.
"Oh no Mama, I want to buy Daddy something
nice for Father's Day. But when I told him I
was going to buy him a nice gift he said I couldn't.
He told me I could only spend $5 on him.
So I want him to get a good gift AND
be proud of me!"
Seriously, who is this angel son??

Needless to say, we bought the gift
and then had a long talk in the car.
Joseph & I both apologized to James
for getting frustrated with him.
Poor fella, he just wanted to make his Daddy proud.

Now we're off to finish the cards
and wrap everyone's presents.
Enjoy your afternoon! :)


Rachel McPhillips said...

That is so pitiful!! His mama and brother accused him of being cheap AND his Uncle took his toy away!

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