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Friday, June 25, 2010

Dealing With Stress

Good morning friends!
I just finished my devotional
and grabbed a second cup of coffee.
As I'm preparing to start my day
my mind is evaluating my to do list.
1. Shower and dress for the day.
2. Send the boys to Nana's for their play day.
3. Clean house
4. Paint the boy's bathroom.

Everything sounds fine and good
until I reach number 4.
Repaint the bathroom, seriously?
YES, I'm bribing myself to hurry
through my chores so I can have a little fun.
Taking a dreary bathroom and making it cheery.
And that's what has got me thinking.

My life has been a zoo lately.
Now don't get me wrong,
God has choreographed every-single-detail.
I am SO excited to see how He works out
all the big decisions going on right now.
I praise His name for filling our home with His spirit.
Most importantly, regardless of the outcome
I give Him all honor and glory!

It's the meantime that's wearing me down.
As I spend time in prayer and thanksgiving,
I try to maintain summer as usual.
But I find myself taking on the most unusual projects.
I know that stress makes us do weird things but really?
I just spent four days (off and on)
working on our mailbox.
It went from this.

To this.

Have I totally lost my mind,
or is it just nervous energy??
I'm thinking it could go either way!

So tell me,
how do you deal with stress?
Do you take on silly projects
just so you feel you have control over something?
I hope I'm not losing my mind.
But if I am, I might as well have
a gorgeous bathroom and over the top mailbox. ; )


Sunny said...

When I'm stressed I EAT!!!!

Cody Clark said...

Hello, The blog seems beautiful, lovely images and nice information.
Stress has been a part of life with the fast paced life that people live nowadays, we should know how to deal with stress. It will make life easier for us.

Martha said...

I deal with stress by either walking on our property, with 80 acres (40 acres in woods) I can always find something interesting to make me realize God is in control and ease my stress. I also do projects like you...redecorating a room, working in my flower gardens or vegetable garden, or just sitting down at my sewing machine.

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