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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Boys' Shared Bedroom Inspiration

Happy 4th of July!
This morning I stayed in my jammy tales
and had a little quiet time.
After I had finished my devotional
my mind wondered to my current design dilemma.
While my mind was fresh and the ideas
were flowing, I created a visual.

Here's the 411:
1. We have a three bedroom home. At present each boy has his own room.
2. Joseph sleeps in his room and James occasionally watches TV in his.
3. We spend ALL of our inside, awake hours in the living room.
4. It's time to prep for Emily Margaret.
5. Our plan was to combine our offices and convert my office into her room.

Now here's my thoughts:
1. As Emily Margaret because more of a reality, I'm struggling with the thoughts of her being on the other side of the house. Even though we all know she'll sleep with us.
2. The boys are ages 14 and 7 so there is a considerable age gap.
3. Neither child ever "hangs out" in his room.
4. At some point I will combine the boys together anyway.
5. So it's starting to be clear that my wisest investment of time and energy is to go ahead and do it now.
6. The bonus?? The boys would have an awesome room AND the extra office would be converted into a den/playroom.

Early in our adoption process,
the boys asked to keep their own rooms.
But I know that with the right plan
they will quickly jump on board.
SO, here's the visual I created to illustrate my thoughts.
A plus, both boys have already asked
to redo their rooms in Auburn colors.
AND they already have matching beds and TV's...
hello, is anyone else sensing God's hand here??

Since I haven't revealed this to the boys yet,
I'm needing your creative ideas.
Thanks for your feedback and encouragement!


La TempĂȘte said...

Wow, I think it looks great! Especially with those TVs, they'll love it for sure.

Robbie said...

Looks great!

Leslie Hughes said...

Auburn? Really? lol
I love the layout. I can't see how they will have an issue with it. Especially with those awesome TVs! haha our boys were always stuck on bunkbeds (which we all hated but it saved room) so i admire that you're giving them completely seperate beds. That's nice.

Jennifer Murray said...

I think it looks awesome... even if it is orange and blue! We have never had an option at our house on whether or not to share rooms, but I do think it is a great bonding time for sibling!

Leslie Hughes said...

Hey, i had an idea like just a second ago. You've probably already through of this but if, perchance, the boys are not interested in sharing a room, could one of them move into the room you had planned to be Emily Margaret's? I know that's still having a child on the other side of the house, but possibly if it is the Teenaged child, it could be positive? Then they still have seperate bedrooms, Emily Margaret is nearer to Mommy and Daddy, and Joseph has a tad more privacy. I'm not sure why that popped into my head but i thought i'd bring it up. Youknow, as an option if they really have issues sharing a bedroom.

Martha said...

I love it, and I'm sure they will too!!

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