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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Boys' Bedroom Makeover: Day 2

Hi all!
As promised,
I'm here with a bedroom update.
After many hours of prayers and hard work,
we now have paint. :D

Let me tell you, this was no easy project.
There were times I questioned my sanity 
as I was sure horizontal stripes were my arch nemousis. 

The problem was that I was trying to use
a laser level to guide me as I taped off the lines.
For whatever reason that thing and I 
just couldn't work out our differences.
So I went old school and used a yard stick. 
I taped off my lines on the yard stick.
Then every several inches I used it to mark small dots.
Once I'd dotted all the walls,
I used frog tape to mark off my lines.

Now it was around this time that my straight lines 
started waving like Old Glory during the star bangle banner.
And that's when I lost coping skills.
Before things got too ugly
Andy came in and saved the day.
He offered to help and then 
sent me to Lowes' for a few more supplies.
While I was gone he finished taping the room.
Hooray for Big Daddy!

As I thanked him repeatedly,
I promised not to ask him for anymore help...
on this project anyway. ;>
Now it was time to get paintin'.
The orange was a little trickier to paint
than the navy blue.
I'm not sure if it was the paint color
OR the different roller I used.
Whatever the reason,
I ended up applying several coats of orange.

I'm considering having the paint store 
darken the orange a little.
I'm not completely convinced it's 
the right Auburn orange.
I'll also apply a second
coat of the navy blue.

Now that I've filled you in on the details,
here's Joseph working on the results.
I'll update you on tomorrow's progress. 
But please don't leave without first
telling me what you think. :) 


Amber said...

Other than it being those awful Auburn colors it's looking great :-)

Kala said...

couldn't be anymore PERFECT! Great job! Can't wait to see the finished product.

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