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Monday, April 12, 2010

From Christmas Stars To Patio Decor

Hi all!
Let me be the first to tell ya,
we are thoroughly enjoying our Spring Break.
The weather is gorgeous...
sunny skies, a good breeze and not too hot.
Yep, it's the kind of weather that begs you to be outside.
I'm so glad the fellas chose the patio
spruce up as our Spring Break project!

Since we already have a great brick patio in place,
we'll spend our time just freshening things up.
Our backyard was really in need of some color!

Luckily I found the perfect way to interject a little color.
I picked up two Christmas starts at Tuesday Mornings,
for $3.99 each.

I promptly hooked them up with some spray paint.
Krylon's Ivy Leaf, to be exact.

It took multiple coats to cover up all that beautiful tole painting.
No worries though, I persevered. ; >
Finally, I used twine to make a hanging loop.
And of course I added a touch of fringe!

So now here's where you come in.
I need to know if you like the star 
hanging on the window,

hanging on the brick.

I'll keep you posted on our patio progress.
I can't wait to hear your thoughts
on my Christmas stars turned, patio decor!


Nancy Jacobs Basketmaster said...

That turned out great. As for me personally, I like it hanging on the window with one caution. If the wind blows like it does at our house would it possibly scratch the window?

Liz Harris said...

What a great idea! I love Krylon's Ivy Leaf I used it on some wooden apples I found and now they are perfect for spring.

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