At Home With The Hinsons

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Baby Sis!

Happy Birthday To You,
Happy Birthday To You,
Happy Birthday Baby Sister,
Happy Birthday To You!
You might be getting older, but remember...
No matter how old you are,
I'll always try to be the boss of you.
But it's just because your the one who 
taught me how to be a mother hen. 
I'm so proud of the God centered woman you've become.
God's blessings on another fabulous year sis! 


Rachel McPhillips said...

Yay!!!! Thanks sis!! P.S. No matter how old I get, you will always be older! :)

Jennifer @ The Toy Box Years said...

That's so sweet!! Happy birthday to your sister!

Michelle said...

Sarah thanks so much for coming to visit my blog and for your sweet comment.

Happy Birthday to your Sis!!!

:) Michelle

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