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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Lazy Weekend

Hi all!
I hope this finds you recovered
from yesterday's storms.
We were blessed to not lose power
or suffer any damage.
I'm actually quite thankful for the rain
and hopeful that it'll put an end to the pollen.
I usually don't have problems with allergies
but his year I've been miserable.
So this was the song I've been singing...
"Down came the rain and washed away the pollen!"

Between the weather and being sick,
I was happy to stay inside
and in my jammy tales all day long.

Thankfully today I'm beginning to
feel among the living again.
And the kids,
well they're just glad to see the sun again!
They enjoyed an afternoon outside
playing water guns, shooting birds
and making snow cones.
Thanks for stopping by!


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