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Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy Anniversary Baby!

Good morning all!
This weekend the Hinsons celebrated 
our 12th wedding anniversary.
We grabbed a yummy chinese lunch 
together with the boys on Friday.
You know you're enjoying wedding bliss
when you realize the importance of time together.
Yet you choose to celebrate as a family...
in a cost effective way. 

And our gift? 
There's nothing we both need,
other than bringing Emily Margaret home.
So we chose a practical gift
as the parents of soon to be three children.
An all floor, light weight, attachment yielding vacuum cleaner.
I spent Saturday attacking all our after-Christmas-dirt.
Yes Mr.Dyson, it's l-o-v-e!

Last but not least Sunday, our actual anniversary,
found us spending time together.
It was wonderful to have Andy home & off work.
He's missed every holiday for the past 6 months. :(

Which brings me to my last point.
I've always known that God brought the two of us together.
I felt God say "this is the one" while we were just friends.
Granted, there were times when we both wondered.
The times when our differences seemed to divide us.
Over the last couple of years
we've found ourselves in a good place together.
The place where our lives were meshed together
and we found strength in our differences.
A place in marriage designed by God.

The last few months have been a harsh reminder
of exactly how wonderful a team we really are.
I've found myself flying solo and wishing 
my partner in crime were there to catch me.
I know this too shall pass,
so I'm choosing to find comfort in the wisdom learned.
God put us together for a reason.
We've found that good place.
And I am SO blessed to be celebrating 12 years 
together with my Prince Charming.
He's the man of my dreams and love of my life!

Happy Anniversary Andy!!!
God's blessings, Sarah :D


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Happy Anniversary to you (late)! Hope you're having a good weekend...

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