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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Valentine's Day Decor

Good morning all! 
I'm here with a couple of announcements:
1. We survived a week snowed in together.
There were a couple of close calls,
but nothing a sleepover & trip to Hob-Lob couldn't fix.
2. I haven't lost my crafting mojo. 
As a matter of fact, it's in full swing.
Sometimes I just get too into it to grab the camera. ;)

This year, I really missed the Christmas decor.
I didn't mind it being put away,
I just needed something in it's place.
That's when I decided to decorate for the L-O-V-E holiday.
What better and cheaper way than with a rag wreath?!

I used what I had in my fabric stash. 
Added a bit of ribbon.
Then topped it off with a heart made with my Cricut.
Now I have a cute Valentine wreath 
AND shared it with you.
Ahh, all is right with the world! 

God's blessings on your day, Sarah :)


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